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5 Recruitment Marketing Tips To Boost Your Employer Branding

92% of candidates would consider changing roles to work for a business with a better corporate reputation”, according to CR Magazine.

That’s a ridiculously high % of the people polled, people who are currently in situ with employers, declaring that they would gladly jump ship for perceived greener grass on the other side!

Your corporate reputation is built upon how great people think your products or services are.

Which isn’t to be confused with your employer branding or employer reputation.

What Makes Employer Branding Different to Corporate Branding?

A different kind of external perception is at the core of employer branding... It’s what people think about your business as an employer, as a place to work for past and existing employees, as an aspirational place to work for potential future employees. Not what people think about your latest range of products or service offerings.

Undoubtedly your corporate reputation directly impacts your employer branding. But, it’s your employer branding that’s the key component of your recruitment marketing campaigns.

Employer Branding arms you with additional strings to your recruitment bow that really set you apart from your competitors, as a great place to work, a place that really values and looks after your greatest assets… your people! From the very first touchpoint – the job application.

5 Recruitment Marketing Gems to Amplify Employer Branding by Megawatts!

  • Consistency – Show up looking the same – on-brand – everywhere. On your email communications, your social media activity, video screening, and every touchpoint during the candidate journey where a communication happens, right up to and including offer and rejection letters. Think of consistency, too, not just in relation to your visual branding. Also pull in to your strategy the consistency, frequency, and relevance of your outreach to candidates.

  • Honesty – Be transparent and upfront from the onset about key factors of your vacancies that influence whether potential candidates choose to apply or not. Location (if you have multiple branches), salary, hours, targets and KPI’s. It avoids time wasting on both sides. Upfront honesty also safeguards your employer branding, because jobseekers won’t think you're withholding information in order to try to get the best candidates for the least remuneration.
  • Tonality – Speak with the same brand voice everywhere you show up. A brand voice should reflect the nature of your business, and be designed to attract your ideal candidate persona. If your business is very corporate and formal, your brand voice, and your job applicants, will be likewise. So, you wouldn’t use terms like YOLO or FOMO, which would be acceptable for a cool youth-oriented brand.
  • Engagement – Getting and keeping engaged with candidates will keep them in your thrall in return. Speak to them in your brand voice (as above), in alignment with the visions and values of your business, across every step of the process.
  • Accessibility – Continually strive to ensure that your job application process is as simple and straightforward as it possibly can be, to avoid deterring potential candidates due to onerous sign ups, log ins, and overly complex language.

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