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An Educational Guide to Recruitment in Education


Recruitment in Education

The Education sector is made up of various types of institute that recruit in a variety of ways; when their recruitment process depends on a solution, each has their own goals, values and requirements.    

With the current staff shortages being experienced by a number of colleges and schools across the UK and further afield, many institutes in the education sector are turning to alternative solutions such as recruitment software in order to compete effectively for the talent that is available.

Making the shift from a manual process to a web-based process for academic and support staff is often more attractive as it removes the hassle of a manual, more time-consuming process. Making the shift to recruitment software for many schools can give the impression of a stronger and more modern brand; some Independent schools are even being viewed as more ‘forward-thinking’, and as a result are attracting more tech-savvy applicants.

Academy Trusts face different issues when it comes to recruitment as their management structure is slightly different to that of independent schools. One of the main issues they face is poor or lack of communication throughout the recruitment process; if a teacher is recruiting for a school where they are not based then the whole process can become confusing as applications have to be passed back and forth, often via email. In addition to this, only certain people are authorised to view the application and contacting the candidates isn’t always easily manageable or practical.


Choosing a recruitment solution that can centralise the process will mean that hiring managers can have access to the same information that those in other schools can see; this means that the required information is available at any time and this can help to reduce the requirement to print off word documents, saving time, paper and money.

Utilising a talent pool can reduce advertising costs and speed up the overall recruitment process; this is the ideal solution to staff shortage as it will enable you to keep a log of interested candidates who have already expressed interest in and shown loyalty to your brand.   

For Further Education colleges, the inconsistency in their hiring processes such as using job boards, looking internally or opting for agency help, can often lead to a longer recruitment process to find the right employee. It’s common for Further Education colleges to find that they are spending too much on advertising in local publications and, more often than not, over-utilising costly agencies for both temporary and permanent staff. One of the best ways to counteract this is by choosing a recruitment solution that can centralise the hiring process by offering job board and social media integration, a careers page and in-depth reporting.

It can be disheartening, confusing and costly when there are frequently issues with the hiring process for education. However, with the right help and the right recruitment solution, these obstacles can be overcome or better yet, avoided. Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software centralises the entire hiring process, ensuring the recruitment process is streamlined while greatly reducing spend.

For Academy Trusts, Vacancy Filler allows for the option of a central careers page that displays all Trust vacancies, in addition to individual careers pages, benefiting candidates as they have more flexibility when applying.          

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Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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