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ATS Features You Need To Onboard Digitally


From Offer to Contract Signature, Onboarding (or aka Pre-Boarding) is the time-draining step recruiters have to take when hiring new talent. 

In a nutshell, it involves a series of tasks that a recruiter has to take, which are often a drain on time, resource and patience!


But why does it have to be so complicated when there are tools to make this seamless, quick and paper-free?


According to Richard Thomas, Sales Director at Vacancy Filler “Recruiters demand their ATS gives them the tools to hire quickly, efficiently and digitally. So why do they have to go "out the system" to perform and chase references, background checks? It's not manageble or systematic, therefore cumbersome and resource draining" he continues "This is simply not sustainable in today's fast paced hiring cycle. That's why we fixed it". 


We've compiled a list of functions an Applicant Tracking System must have to take you on the right path with digital onboarding:


Top 10 Features You Need From Your ATS to Deliver Digital Onboarding


  1. Job Offers with e-Signatures
  2. Referencing (auto-collating references from candidates and referees)
  3. Integrated Background Checks (DBS & RTW)
  4. Contracts with e-Signatures with Multiple Authorisations
  5. Receipt and Storage of References & Checks against candidate record
  6. Job offer time expiry (with alerts)
  7. Online new starter form for collating all new employee details that are automatically posted to HR/Payroll Systems
  8. Branded Candidate Portal
  9. Advanced Analytics & BI reporting
  10. GDPR Compliant

There are so many benefits you can achieve with a great ATS platform, like 75% reduction in admin and 50% reduction in agency spend through turning your manual tasks into automated actions.

Feel Good Recruiting

By going digital, you will remove paper from the recruitment cycle thereby making a positive impact on reducing your carbon footprint, showing you as a business that wants to do their bit. Having this as part of your EVP is only a good thing right - and we're pretty sure you should be able to measure how much printing, posting you are saving!

Why Vacancy Filler?

Our exceptional Applicant Tracking System digitalises the whole recruitment cycle from request to recruit all the way through to contract acceptance. With automation of key touch points from the start to the finish of the Onboarding process, you can spend more time getting to know your candidates, not chasing paper! 

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