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An increasing number of companies are embracing video interviewing as a way of saving time and money in their recruitment process. By conducting interviews with video technology instead of in person, businesses can experience their first contact with their candidates in a visual format but without the need travel, saving time that could be wasted with candidates that are not a suitable fit for the company. With this being said, many recruiters are yet to harness the full benefits of video interviewing as a part of an integrated recruitment process.

Research by Foosle showed that 45% of companies asked are yet to use Video Interviewing Technology simply because they had not thought about it before, and 8% felt that the technology was either too expensive or too difficult to use. Video interviewing is however; very much here and now, those who do not capitalise on it are missing out on a vital part of recruiting; the questioSlide1.jpgn of “when will we use it” is quickly becoming “how will we use it”.

Within the confines of home soil, the advantages of video interviews should be obvious; instead of candidates travelling the length and breadth of the country to meet prospective employers, candidates can supplement their CVs with proof of their personality and demonstrate the individual behind the paper. This being; the trials and tribulations of recruiting from overseas can be made comparatively easier than a conventional interview in the same country.

According to the government’s Shortage Occupation List, there are a number of professions that are currently in shortage in the UK, such as: secondary school teachers in Science and Mathematics, medical professionals, and an array of engineers. One of the best methods to bridge the skills gap is to recruit from overseas; however, as mentioned, this is rife with problems in terms of distance, but also in time differences.

Overseas recruitment drives are expensive, flights and accommodation for whole recruitment teams often outstrips the resources of a company, whilst interviewing large numbers of candidates face to face is time consuming and impractical. As after the 1st interview stage, businesses will often reject between 50-75% of applicants, this is a large amount of wasted time. What’s more, conducting interviews abroad requires a base of operations in the respective country; another obstacle making personal interviews an unrealistic possibility.

Vacancy Filler’s video interviewing allows:

  • Customisable interview questions using either a template or produced from scratch and tailored for the role. Every candidate will have answered the same questions allowing effective comparisons to be made.
  • The facility for the recruiter and hiring manager to share, collaborate and rate each candidate online for quick and easy shortlisting
  • The Ability to clearly convey your employer brand throughout the selection process by customising the invitations.
  • The ability for candidates to undertake the interview through simple means such as a smartphone. Conversely, hiring managers can review responses on their own smartphone.

In short, video interviewing opens the door to global recruitment and gives the ability to easily and cost effectively, find the best talent in the world. Many companies are put off by the complications that come with overseas recruitment however; this does not have to be the case as Vacancy Filler have developed an easy way to unlock this potential.

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