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One of the most important lessons to learn in business is that it’s the people, not the product, that are the root to business success; having the right employees is critical to building a successful business and this is why so many businesses put so much focus on attracting the right talent.

Advertising in newspapers and placing notices in shop windows is an outdated process – most job searches and applications are now done online using technology such as mobile phones, tablet devices and computers. Many companies now promote their vacancies through their social media pages in order to take advantage of an existing pool of followers.

One of the main areas where businesses fall short is their careers page; it’s often the case that they are infrequently updated or worse, lead potential candidates away to another company’s website that lacks branding and causes confusion.

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A company’s careers page should excite, inform and be easy to navigate; candidates should be able to consult this page to find answers to their next career step or career change. If your careers page is dull and lacks branded instruction, your audience might sense a ‘make-do’ attitude or an unwillingness to invest in the career side of the business – and this could lead candidates to think that this is the mind-set in other areas of the business.

There are many companies that struggle to find talent as a result of neglecting their social media pages by not integrating with them.  Social media is one of the main platforms for candidate sourcing – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are full of candidate traffic so giving yourself a strong and visible social presence is critical when drawing attention to your business.

Creating and developing a talent pool will allow a business to swiftly identify and engage with talent that has previously shown interest; storing these individuals who ‘just missed the mark’ the first time around in a searchable database integrated into your recruitment system will allow for huge time and cost savings to be achieved. It’s important to remember that those who didn’t quite make it for one role might be perfect for future roles.

Some businesses allow candidates to sign up for job alerts from their careers page – a great way to capture talent for future roles when you are not actively searching for that position. A number of recruitment software providers have a Job Alert feature available which is beneficial for alerting candidates via email for similar roles that might appear in the future. By making this a simple process where candidates only need to enter an email and contact details, candidates will be more inclined to provide their details as the lengthy process of creating an account is avoided.

Another great way to ensure you are reaching and attracting as many of the right types of candidate as possible is to post out to multiple locations for each role, including your careers page, social media accounts and job boards. For any business managing their recruitment process manually, this can be a difficult task simply because of the time it takes to replicate the role in the various locations; using a recruitment software provider will allow you to automate or part-automate the majority of this process, so you can get your vacancies out to the market, reaching a wider audience, of better suited candidates, in less time.

Knowing where to advertise and which method of advertising will bring you more candidates of a higher quality can be difficult to know for certain, but by utilising all of the tools available and monitoring analytics, any business can work out what is best for them - the difficult part of the recruitment process shouldn’t be reaching the candidates.

Implementing a recruitment solution that has the ability to automate or part-automate the posting of roles to third-party platforms, such as those on social media, you can direct your vacancies to an existing audience of potential candidates who are already loyal and interested in your brand.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software can provide job board and social media integration; it also has an ‘Attraction’ Portal that gives you access to a suite of tools to post your vacancies out to reach the most suitable candidates.   

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Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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