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Applicant Tracking System Security - Multi-Factor Authentication

By | on 20, Feb 2021 |

Remote working has seen a rise in security risks with HR teams accessing candidate confidential data outside of the office network.

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The Benefits of Using an Applicant Tracking System in Education

By | on 13, Feb 2021 |

In March 2020, the Education Policy Institute laid bare the ongoing challenges in the teaching labour market. These challenges include: 

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How to Transition to Your Ideal Applicant Tracking System

By | on 07, Feb 2021 |

Another sweeping introduction about how 2020 changed recruitment processes and procedures forever is unnecessary.

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Are You Still Wasting Time on Recruitment Reporting?

By | on 07, Feb 2021 |

The headline caught your attention, didn’t it? Though, it’s not, of course, referring to recruitment reporting per se.

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The Benefits of Integrated Experian Background Checks

By | on 03, Feb 2021 |

The current pressure on HR recruitment teams is as high as it’s ever been, if not higher, due to the high volume of job applications.

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