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How to create a rapid Job Request to Job Posting Process

By | on 07, Jan 2021 |


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How to Spice up Your Screening

By | on 07, Jan 2021 |

With soaring application rates, you need to make sure your best candidates are not slipping through the net.

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Join us at our Virtual Customer Forum

By | on 09, Dec 2020 |


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The Top 5 Applicant Tracking System Features You Need In 2020 & Beyond

By | on 29, Oct 2020 |   Video Interviewing Applicant Tracking System Recruitment "ATS"


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HCM Vs ATS - Can HCMs compete with Applicant Tracking Systems?

By | on 16, Oct 2020 |   Human Resources HR Applicant Tracking System

A new wave of HCM providers are offering recruitment tools on top of their traditional employee management functions. But are they powerful or flexible enough to replace the need for a standalone Appl[...]

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Recruitment Automation - The top 15 Workflows helping recruiters

By | on 22, Sep 2020 |   Talent Management "Candidate Expectations"

Since inception, Vacancy Filler has been helping recruiters recruit faster and better but now we are taking it to the next level, so that recruiters can practically automate anything and everything in[...]

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Vacancy Filler announces new strategic hire

By | on 03, Jul 2020 |   In the news

We're delighted to announced the appointment of a new strategic hire to boost our charge into the enterprise market. Former MHR iTrent Global Sales & Marketing Director, Richard Thomas joins the c[...]

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What's The Secret To Detecting Duplicate Candidates?

By | on 16, Jun 2020 |   Applicant Tracking System "Cost Per Hire" "Recruitment challenges" "HR" "ATS"

How Do I Find Duplicate Candidates? How long have recruiters been painfully trying to locate duplicate candidates within their ATS? Well... since ATS' were invented really.  The challenge for recruite[...]

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Video Screening | The New Norm For Recruitment But Which Is Right For Me?

By | on 10, Jun 2020 |   "Candidate Experience"

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