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Aylesbury College optimise their recruitment with advanced reporting

Aylesbury College is a located in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and provides education on a range of levels for around 2,500 students and employs approximately 310 teaching and non-teaching staff.

We Spoke to Clare Gell, the Director of Human Resources at Aylesbury College who explained her decision to partner with Vacancy Filler.


Clare spoke of how Aylesbury College had outgrown their previous supplier and how they were forced to find a new Applicant Tracking System. Out of the 6 suppliers that Clare looked into, Vacancy Filler’s reputation in the education sector and in Clare’s own circle of HR professionals made the software stand out above the rest.

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Clare explained that her previous system had little usability, limited features and inadequate support whereas the Vacancy Filler system understood the college’s specific needs and requirements. Overall, Clare emphasised that it was important that Aylesbury College partnered with a provider that understood the requirements of education and education as a whole.

When asked what part of the system will provide most value, Clare explained that talent pooling and over all candidate management will be essential. Vacancy Filler is also set to help improve the quality and quantity of reporting which Clare says will help her recruiting strategy while providing a return on investment in the future.

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