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Basic to Brilliant Recruitment: Why Wandle Housing chose Vacancy Filler

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Wandle are a Housing Association based in London Bridge and employ around 178 staff. Covering 9 South London Boroughs, the organisation currently provides around 7,300 properties for tenants, outright buy and part-time buy schemes for homeowners. With a high volume of recruitment, Wandle advertises around 10 new vacancies per month and recruits around 120 times a year.

We spoke with Jolyon Pluck, the organisation’s Recruitment Business Partner, who works across the whole business in a role that revolves mostly around recruitment. His daily tasks include liaising with managers around recruitment needs and communicating with agencies around temporary needs.

Vacancy Filler was already in place when Jolyon joined Wandle, but they were only implementing a basic version that was solely being used for applicants; once an advert was sent out, they would source applications. Over the last year however, Wandle have introduced online shortlisting, referencing and have created a new application form alongside a new application process.

Prior to this, Jolyon describes their recruitment process as being ‘basic’, with managers simply responding ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to incoming applications. Now the organisation has implemented a full online process where the candidate is scored and invites to interviews are based on the ranking of that score.

Jolyon said that he is looking forward to switching from a manual process to an online onboarding process with the aim of automating the entire recruitment process. Before this, Jolyon told us how shortlisting across the business wasn’t working properly and that by bringing this online, it will allow them to more effectively monitor shortlisting. Jolyon added that he liked that all of the organisation’s line managers now have the ability to access the system from anywhere, which provides them with flexibility if they’re working from home, and gives them the ability to communicate quickly from wherever they are.

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Wandle experienced benefits immediately after implementing the Vacancy Filler system, which included instant access to all candidate applications and the ability for managers to shortlist throughout the whole campaign. Jolyon added: “The managers don’t need to wait anymore until the end of the campaign to suddenly be presented with a pile of paperwork to go through and score candidates manually”.

Upon asking what part of the system in particular he enjoys, Jolyon said that aside from online shortlisting in general, he is satisfied with the ability for Human Resources to view whether managers are managing the shortlisting correctly. “The system is also very easy to use” he added. “Reporting is easy and the system is accessible. Everything is automated.”

Jolyon told us how Wandle have seen a great return on investment in employee engagement, having received positive feedback from candidates themselves around how happy they are with the communication that is maintained with them and around the application process.

Overall, Jolyon likes how Vacancy Filler works on a module basis and is excited to see what Connect can bring in terms of communicating and engaging with their candidates and employees.

To find out more about how Vacancy Filler has helped organisations like Wandle, why not speak to one of our specialists?

Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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