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Nisbets: boosting recruitment with talent pooling & candidate testing

As the UK’s largest supplier of kitchen and catering equipment, Nisbets currently operates out of two main sites and sixteen stores across the UK. In 2015 Nisbets recruited for around three hundred positions and looks to continue at this rate for 2016.

We spoke to Matt Ellis, the recruitment manager at Nisbets who spoke of how Vacancy Filler is set to assist with Nisbets growing employee base.



Primarily, Matt spoke of how Nisbets’ previous recruitment strategy used job multi-posting software and how it was neither time efficient or permitting for an advanced means of tracking applicants. Especially in retail positions, Nisbets experience applications in extremely high volumes; however with no means of allocating detailed information to each candidate, initial sifting was labour intensive and time consuming.

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With the new efficiencies and clarity brought in by the Vacancy Filler’s tagging system, Matt also mentioned his eagerness to create a talent pool of candidates. By using the feature, candidates that miss out on one opportunity but are well suited for future roles can be recorded and accessed later. Nisbets will replace their method of retaining applicant’s details in physical files and instead have digital copies of candidates’ that are can be easily accessed; again saving time for the HR department.

Finally, Matt spoke about how he intends to boost efficiency and utilise skills testing in order to assist candidate sifting. When Nisbets receive high volumes of candidates, skills testing will create a benchmark that candidates can be measured against.


For more information, download our case study on how we are helping Aldi with their recruitment strategy.

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