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Can an Applicant Tracking System help?

What is the Good Work Plan 2020?

From April 2020, there will be an extension to workers statement of rights on appointment.

The Good Work plan provides that All employees and workers will be entitled to a written statement of terms from day one of the working relationship (at present the obligation applies within two months of starting work). This statement will set out enhanced information such as:

  • How long a job is expected to last (or end date of a fixed term contract)
  • How much notice is required?
  • Details of eligibility for sick leave and pay
  • Details of other types of paid leave (e.g. maternity/paternity leave)
  • Duration and conditions of any probationary period
  • Remuneration (not just pay)
  • Which specific days and times workers are required to work.

For more information on The Good Work Plan, please visit

How important is delivering a seamless, engaging and digital Onboarding process for your new hires and can an Applicant Tracking System help?

Essential & Absolutely!!

The need to give candidates a great Onboarding experience is key. Once a job offer is accepted, recruiters need to ensure they keep their new hires warm, welcome and engaged to avoid ghosting (some surveys state that in some instances, over 50% of new employees don’t show up for work on their first day).

A great Applicant Tracking System will make this flawless if you chose the right one. It provides the tools to create a workflow that sends pre-planned and branded communications (either by SMS or email) throughout the Onboarding process. What’s more, your candidates can review their job offer and contracts etc via a Candidate Portal, providing a complete digital experience, reducing paper-based tasks. Most ATS providers will also be able to integrate into your HR Payroll or HCM, so you have one centralised place for your data (such as iTrent, Cascade etc).

Speeding up the Onboarding Process

Savvy recruiters are pretty much clued up on their lead times for Onboarding new recruits, however, more often than not, it's quite fluid and never set in stone.

If, for example, a Hiring Manager offers a role on Thursday for a Monday start, how can recruiters be sure that they have everything signed, sealed and delivered by Monday am. Come April 2020, when the Good Work Plan comes into force, recruiters will have no choice, so now's the time to start preparing and planning.

Obviously, Onboarding software will never be able to speed up the process for cross-checking references etc, but it will certainly speed up the main components of Onboarding. A great ATS will provide recruiters with a digitalised checklist, which will, in turn, cut admin significantly as well as reduce printing and photocopying and associated costs.

The ATS Onboarding Module Checklist:

If you're considering going down the route of an ATS to streamline your Onboarding process, or upgrading to an ATS that covers your entire end-to-end recruitment, you will firstly need to define your Onboarding goals:

  • What are your non-negotiables?
  • Would be goods?

To assist you map these out, here's some of the features that you should expect as a minimum from any ATS’ Onboarding module.

Standard Onboarding features you should expect from an ATS Platform:

  • Automated approval process Integrated request, receipt and store of references & checks
  • Unlimited attachments & documentations
  • Unlimited branded offer templates with one-click functionality
  • Unlimited Groups & multi-company branded templates
  • Custom branded forms
  • Job offer time expiry
  • Online new starter form for collating all new employee details that are automatically posted to HR/Payroll Systems (min charge)
  • Branded acceptance/rejection Candidate Portal
  • Advanced analytics & BI reporting
  • GDPR compliant, secure & fully integrated into all systems (and Job Boards)

Don’t forget, great ATS systems streamline the whole recruitment process –from Request to Recruit and Careers Page all the way through to Onboarding (a really great one will include free and unlimited Video Screening too).

A niche Onboarding software or an ATS?

So, do you buy an Onboarding software to manage this process or invest/upgrade your ATS? Here’s some likely scenario’s you may be faced with:

You have an existing ATS that doesn’t offer Onboarding

First, check the renewal date of your existing ATS. There are lots of ATS platforms that come with great Onboarding modules, so you should perhaps explore a new system that offers this.

The best route is not necessarily to go and buy a silo Onboarding software, as this is not usually the most effective option (unless you have at least 4 or 5 years remaining on your current ATS contract).

This route could be costly and really difficult to manage. Having one ATS system and a separate Onboarding software means that you’ll have different applications open, different levels of support, two lots of costs and it’s highly likely that they’ll not even speak to each other, so potentially lots of data challenges.

If you have an existing ATS that offers Onboarding

Ensure you check the functionality and features of its Onboarding module. Again, it might not deliver what you want plus it could be a real costly option to implement. To be on the safe side, check out a range of ATS providers that do offer Onboarding, you will be surprised at the potential cost savings over three years.

If you don’t have an ATS

Now’s the time to go find one. There are so many benefits you can achieve with a great ATS platform, like 75% reduction in admin and 50% reduction in agency spend to name just a few plus a great one will have it's own Onboarding module. Make sure you read Vacancy Filler’s Recruiters Guide to Selecting an ATS – this provides a great check-list to help select an ATS!

We’ve done the maths!

You can save up to 20% by investing in an ATS platform that comes with Onboarding, as opposed to buying an ATS and Onboarding system separately.

Don't forget - your new software is only as good as the support you receive!

Whichever route you take, one thing's for sure, you'll need support at some point (and so will your candidates). To have someone at the other end of the phone to help during the application and onboarding process is priceless and virtually unknown in the software space.

So, make sure you consider where and how you can get support but more crucially, how your new hires can get help too. What's the point of investing in new software, if you cannot get the assistance that you, your internal users and your candidates need in time of difficulty? Here’s some situations you need to address:

Does your internal recruitment or helpdesk teams have the ability to:

Support any technical issues within the Onboarding process appropriately and within SLA's.

Support candidates with any issues during the Onboarding process ( before/after)

You should expect your software provider to have a dedicated Support operation and offer either telephone, email and live chat support as standard and to everyone - admins, users and candidates. If not, think again.

User Training

Yes, we can all look at training videos. But these are usually very impersonal and sometimes difficult to understand.

Select a software provider that provides great training as part of the subscription. Some software providers do offer this, so keep a lookout. But many use training as a way to charge additional costs as part of the implementation.

And finally

Your candidates and new hires should be treated like your most valuable customer and giving them the best experience throughout the recruitment process is business critical.

So, select wisely. If you do, you will have a great ATS with Onboarding that will help meet your Good Work Plan 2020 requirements.Can an Applicant Tracking System with Onboarding help?Ca

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