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Can you attract the best talent without online recruitment software?

Is it better to use online recruitment software?

Modern technology is constantly changing the way we go about our day, and with this new technology, processes that once took forever are now being completed in minutes.

With so many advancements in technology, it’s a surprise that companies continue to use outdated recruitment practices, especially when much of their competition is moving towards the more modern, time-saving alternatives to attract the best talent.

Challenges facing the recruitment industry today

As of 2018, the UK unemployment rate was at just 4.2%, the lowest it has been since 1975, and this has resulted in a lack of skilled candidates, made even worse with the after-effects of Brexit. As a result, the most sought-after candidates are likely to be on the market for just a matter of days before they are snapped up by another company.

Attracting, hiring and retaining high-quality staff in order to grow your company is already a challenge, without the added difficulty of managing a cumbersome, manual and paper-heavy recruitment process.

As companies continue to invest in their growth, hiring naturally becomes a crucial part of that, but continuing to use manual methods of recruitment can not only lead to your hiring team becoming overwhelmed, but your candidates can become dissatisfied with the level of engagement throughout their experience with you – ultimately, damaging your employer brand.

Administrative challenges, such as the manual sifting of applications, could lead to a longer recruitment process in terms of a turnaround for the candidate from the point of application to receiving a decision as to whether or not they will progress – this could potentially ‘put-off’ not only weak candidates but also the great candidates.

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What are the challenges of a paper-based recruitment process?

When a specific process is manual-heavy, there are often short-comings in other areas to compensate for the excess time that they consume. For many manual recruitment processes, it’s often the frequency and quality of the communication with candidates that suffers. In the age of social media and company review sites, this can be a problem for a business as it’s extremely easy for a candidate to share their negative experience with friends, family and even other potential applicants on a global level.

There are other areas to consider throughout your recruitment process that could also be contributing to a negative candidate experience. The first to mention is your website; if this is clunky and not optimised for a candidate to navigate, or it has poorly presented job adverts and an unnecessarily lengthy application/ registration form, you could be leaving your candidates with a poor impression of your company. In some cases, you may find that candidates actually pull out of the recruitment process altogether.

The interview process is another part of the recruitment process that can deter potential employees – yes, even at the interview stage, businesses run the risk of losing candidates. With a manual process, it can be difficult to get a hold of candidates to arrange suitable interview slots, and it can get really messy when it comes to rearranging interviews; making mistakes here can massively impact the time that it takes to make a hire and runs the risk of potential employees dropping out of the process in favour of an alternative role.

A poor candidate experience and candidate drop-off rates can have a bigger impact on a business than it may first appear. Yes, a business may have lost out on a potential hire, but the negative experience could also result in the loss of a customer – particularly in the retail, hospitality, or other B2C sectors. In a survey of candidates who had experienced a recruitment process, 49% of them stated that they would boycott a company if they had a bad experience when applying for a job.

Is it better to use online recruitment software?

Failing to recruit the right quality of staff to support company growth can be harmful to a business, but providing a poor experience for the candidates that engage with a business could not only lose you candidates, but it could lose you customers. 

Today, with the war for talent as competitive as ever, it is essential to get recruitment right. By providing an enjoyable candidate experience through the use of online recruitment software, where everyone who enters the process is attended to both efficiently and politely – regardless of their suitability to the role, not only will you be able to compete for hiring the best talent, but you will promote a strong brand and, ultimately, attract more candidates for future vacancies.

Through modern, online recruitment software, you have the means to digitise your recruitment processes, which allows you to simplify and streamline your application process and communicate more effectively with your applicants.

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