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York College create a better candidate journey

York College is a further and higher education college located in the north of England that offers a wide range of qualifications to post 16 year olds.

In 2013; the college’s last inspection, York College was rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. They currently employ over 800 teaching and non-teaching staff and recruit constantly throughout the year.

We spoke to Dan Shrimpton, Senior HR Adviser at York College, regarding their decision to partner with Vacancy Filler and what he looks forward to in using the system.


Dan cited one of the main reasons for choosing Vacancy Filler as a recruitment solution was to overcome applicant drop off rates. He spoke about how he felt it was necessary to update the process from filling out a Word Document to a well thought out application form so that candidates are encouraged to complete their applications.

Speaking about issues in communicating with candidates Dan spoke about managing high numbers of applicants. York College receive around 60 applications per role due to their strong brand; however they were previously only able to communicate with those that were shortlisted as there was no way of automating communication prior to Vacancy Filler.

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Dan said how he felt that the limited communication with candidates might have been damaging the college’s recruiter brand; however this was impossible with a manual recruitment method. Dan went on to explain his excitement regarding Talent Pooling and the fact that unsuccessful candidates can now be “kept warm” instead of slipping through the net.

Finally, Dan spoke about how he looked forward to new efficiencies with recruiting and stated: “Centralising the process will make our recruitment more up-to-date and take away unnecessary tasks where we’ve had to replicate work. In all, I think the time and cost efficiencies that the product brings are what sold us on Vacancy Filler.”

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