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Adapt & Reset Your Candidate Journey With An Applicant Tracking System


Are you currently stuck with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that isn’t agile enough to adapt to ever-changing market conditions? Chances are you might be having difficulties overcoming current recruitment obstacles.

With candidates in short supply, we understand that attracting and hiring new talent can seem like wading through the jungle. without the right equipment. But, don't worry Vacancy Filler can help you adapt and reset your current recruitment strategy (or parts of it0.

Have You Got Applicant Appeal?

So, you might have caught the eye of a candidate or two. But what next? You need to play a savvy game once you’ve caught their eye. You can’t risk a huge amount of drop-offs as a result of;

  • Your candidates decide not to proceed with your bulky application process or your un-engaging emails.
  • Or worse, your competitors adapting and speeding up their processes, getting to the best talent first ahead of you.

Ideally, you need to be in the driving seat, with the ability to switch certain checkpoints on the candidate's journey off and on to suit evolving needs. When times are turbulent, you can’t risk the success – or failure – of your campaigns being dictated by a ‘stuck in the mud’ ATS, keeping you bogged down in processes that aren’t currently working.

You Need A Leading-Edge ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems will equip you to adapt, reset and repeat what you need to, when you need to… and to pop everything back in its original place if you need to when you need to. But how does this work in practice?

Have You got Flexibility if You’re Seeing Too Many Drop-Offs?

Flexibility is essential for current market conditions to counteract and prevent too many drop-offs. But, it’s not possible with clunkier legacy systems. They usually aren’t capable of offering you the fluidity you need to change the goalposts, literally on a vacancy-by-vacancy basis.

The difference between securing a great candidate, or being stuck with an empty seat you can’t fill, can be as simple as:

  • Condensing your application form – Forget War & Peace applications of old. It’s a different ball game than the good old days when you might have expected the most engaged candidates to stick with it till the bitter end.
  • See what happens if you strip your applications forms down to a bare minimum to make it easier on candidates. A mini-app form with an accompanying CV might give your applicant levels a much-needed boost, feeding straight into your applicant tracking system for initial screening by AI.
  • Using trial and error to simplify your process – Try ‘mash-ups’ of mini-app forms, CVs, and killer questions. A great applicant tracking system empowers you to trial different application combinations per vacancy, depending on the job types you’re struggling most to fill.
  • Pause features that aren’t serving you well – Switch features on and off as often or as occasionally as needs must. For example, how about pausing screening questions? It might sound like an odd thing to do. But, if you aren’t getting candidates for certain roles, it’s worth seeing if pressing the pause button on certain features improves uptake.

At Vacancy Filler, we work with hundreds of recruitment professionals in many different business sectors, on a daily basis. We understand the challenges you’re facing. And, the fact is that you need a system to adapt to current conditions as they ebb and flow.

Why not arrange a free demo to take a look for yourself at how our outstanding and flexible applicant tracking system can help you adapt, reset and repeat your recruitment process in alignment with changing market conditions. Or call us today on 01509 236 434. Email:


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