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ChatBox with Heather Bassford, Account Manager, Vacancy Filler



We understand the importance of employees and that's why we've launched ChatBox, so you can get to know the people that make up the Vacancy Filler family.

Over to Heather...

Hi Heather, what is your role at Vacancy Filler?

I’m a software account manager for existing customers. My job is to analyse my client's recruitment processes, to help them utilise the Vacancy Filler platform to their advantage.

I also help our customers attract quality candidates for their roles, automate the process to make it easier and help them enhance their candidate experience, to improve engagement and induction.

Can you tell me about your background?

For nearly ten years I worked in the Motorsport industry, where I was responsible for bespoke orders, global distribution, health and safety and custom moulded earpieces.

I was the first person at the company to qualify in Otoscopy (Ear examination) and I travelled to race circuits to take silicone ear impressions for racing drivers, including Max Verstappen and Jean Eric Vergne. In 2012, I project managed manufacturing the earpieces in the paddock of the Le Mans 24hr circuit for the first time in the organisation.

Following the above, I was also PA to the CEO and two Directors at a finance auditing company in the public sector covering the whole South West.

What drew you to join Vacancy Filler originally?

Having worked from home for over a year within my PA role, I was eager to get back into a working / social environment.

Vacancy Filler is in a fantastic location for my lifestyle and Account Management was the perfect role for me, as organisational and communication skills are my strong points. Also, having experience in recruiting during my PA role, I loved the concept of the ATS as soon as I laid my eye on it!

What do you like most about working for Vacancy Filler?

For me, building relationships with my clients is the highlight of working for Vacancy Filler, I really enjoy meeting and interacting with different personalities.

The ATS is such a good product and I feel that everyone can benefit from it.

I have also developed so much since starting at Vacancy Filler, I’m learning something new every day.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would star as Heather Bassford

My colleague Tracy (a fellow VF account manager) thinks Julia Roberts would be the perfect actress to play me.

If you could choose absolutely anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

David Attenborough

What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded?

I have recently downloaded Vacancy Filler’s very own Video Interview app, to try it out for myself and test out its many beneficial features.

Favourite website? I’m a Libra, however according to a physic I’m not a true Libra, as I’ve got fire in my stomach!

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