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What are the benefits of a dedicated careers site?

Make First impressions count

Did you know, it takes just 1/10th of a second to form a first impression?

First impressions are everything, well that’s what they say, and this is seen to be true in lots of areas of life. Whether you’re interviewing for a new role, buying a house or even going on a first date, it’s those first few moments and the feelings you have during them that sticks with you and often influences your decisions in the end. Creating positive first impressions is so important and often we don’t get a second chance to get it right, so it pays to be putting our best foot forward first time if we want to ensure we don't miss out on those opportunities.

This is why many companies are adapting their strategy on how they attract and maintain talent, by ensuring they make that right first impression to candidates first time round, with a dedicated careers site. Here are some of the reasons why this works for them and could work for you too:

Share what makes you great ...

A dedicated careers site gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, people and culture and what makes your company just so great to work for. It’s also the opportunity to highlight important information that may be of interest to candidates when they are considering applying for a role; including the career development opportunities that are available at the company and some of the benefits that would be offered to the successful applicant. Candidates in today’s market are savvier than before and to them, there is a lot more they take in to consideration that just the job description and salary when applying for a new role.

...and what makes you different

Beyond the benefits, it also gives applicants a taste of what they can expect from your company and help them decide whether the culture is the right fit for them. Who are you? How do you work? What do you care about? All important questions a candidate will want answering before making the decision to join your team. Your fully branded new careers site can help answer these questions before they even come for an interview; by sharing information about your culture, values, working environment and company vision. Airbnb do it great by having their Mission Statement as one of the first thing candidates see when they visit their Careers Page (

Tell your success stories

‘Well of course the recruiter says the company is great to work for, but what do the people who work there think?’​ That’s an important question that applicants will certainly be considering and looking into. Adding employee testimonials to your website from the people who’ve already benefited from being a part of the team and sharing some of these experiences along with a real name and face can help applicants feel confident they are in the right place.

Put yourself in control

Updating a website can often be a real headache. Are you often waiting for your marketing team to have the time available to make the changes? Or having to pay extra to a Web Developer because you don't have the access to make amendments yourself? Then a dedicated careers site from Vacancy filler is a problem solved. They are built to include an easy to use content management system that is controlled by you and not the developers or your external teams. So the next time you need to make those important updates, it’s no hassle, as you’re in control.

Create a solution that works for you

There’s no need to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your website. Your dedicated careers site should be a direct reflection of your brand and should work with your current website either as an extension or in a different space entirely. Either way, it should be bespoke to your organisation’s requirements and include an integrated applicant tracking system to allow you to further customise your online recruitment process.

Track that all-important data

When you have a dedicated ATS careers website, you can closely monitor the data surrounding who is visiting your website and where they are spending their time when they are. This data allows you to better understand which areas within your recruitment marketing strategy are most effective and which aren’t performing as well as hoped. Your own dedicated space also allows for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which means over time you can increase traffic from those all-important search engines, such as Google.

Keep your eye on the best talent

Great companies are always driving traffic to their careers page. That star candidate could end up visiting your website when you don’t have anything suitable for them right now; don’t let them drop-off the radar. Just because you don’t have a suitable role for them right now, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Make sure you’ve got somewhere on your careers page for candidates to register their interest in working for you, and if you engage them right, when the perfect role comes up then you’ll have a much easier time filling it.

Keep your applicants in the know

You can use your new website to explain how the hiring process works within your organisation so everyone knows what to expect and their responsibilities to keep the process moving forward. The built-in applicant tracking system can also be configured to speed up and automate your hiring processes, so candidates can receive automated notifications about what the next steps are in the process and how they need to proceed.

So there you have it, just some of the many reasons why creating a dedicated ATS careers site can not only create a great first impression but can also make your life as a recruiter a whole lot easier.

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