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Why Adopt A Paper-Free Recruitment Process?


There’s no doubt that your people are highly engaged and inspired about proactively taking better care of the planet, for themselves, their children and their children’s children.

According to the UN Environment Programme -

“With young people driving a global wake-up call on climate change, it is no surprise to find schools and universities leading by example and reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy and becoming hotbeds of activism on the defining issue for a generation.”


At the centre of this, Let’s Go Zero is a national campaign that’s spearheading and supporting activity across UK schools, with the end goal of zero carbon emissions in schools by 2030.

It’s an encouraging start. But, getting buy-in from your staff and students might be easier than getting an initial handle on your carbon situation, and how you can cut or eliminate carbon.

What are the Main Carbon Culprits?

The Let’s Go Zero Campaign are focusing on seven key culprits that are responsible for high carbon counts in schools but it quite easily fits into an office environment.


  • Energy
  • Food
  • Procurement
  • School grounds
  • Travel
  • Waste
  • Water


Vacancy Filler helps business tackle the 'Waste' culprit, by digitalising the entire recruitment process from Request to Recruit right through to Offer Accepted (and beyond).

Set An Example And Adopt a Paper-Free Recruitment Process

By encouraging your people, be it at work or remotely to think about their paper waste is a challenge in itself. A large proportion of paper waste is really down to internal admin and printing emails/letters and printers work not working properly (there is also vast amounts of photocopying that go hand in hand with all the paper being used).

But however keen you are to rectify this situation and go paperless at pace, be realistic. Slow and steady wins the race when you’ve got an obstacle as major as paper waste to overcome. Avoid lowering morale by setting targets that are too ambitious to hit.

But you can speed up your progress as a business by transitioning some of your manual hard copy processes to more efficient – and, importantly paper-free – digital platforms, with recruitment leading the way!

For example, a digital Applicant Tracking System will remove the need for:


  • Printing off and sending a Request To Recruit (or Approval To Recruit) Form to/from your Hiring Managers
    An Applicant Tracking System will automate this process all through the platform and you can set reminders and notices for hiring managers that need a little nudge. 
  • Printing off Application Forms & CVs for review and adding notes
    A great ATS has an Applicant Viewer where you can write notes or add sticky notes to a candidates CV or application form in order for you or your Hiring Managers to present feedback.
  • Printing off Application Forms & CVs for Hiring Panels
    Confidential Shortlisting functions within an ATS will redact the candidate data you don't want your panel to see and you can give them visibility via the Applicant Viewer - all within the system.
  • Manual Background Checks, RTW and References
    Request and receive back through an integrated ATS platform, and right into your candidate record. No need to send our and receive back references by post - they are all sent/received and stored within the system.
  • Printing & Sending Out Offer Letters
    A superior ATS will send all your offer letters out digitally via email, complete with e-signatures, so not only saving paper, reducing overheads for envelopes and stamps but also saving lots of time!
  • Printing & Sending Out Contracts
    Deliver Employee Contracts all online, all with e-signatures and receive responses directly into the ATS platform.  Again, saving paper, reducing overheads and time (increasing your time to recruit).

At Vacancy Filler, we make a difference by enabling recruiters to perform their end to end hiring process digitally without paper and therefore, without waste! .

We'd really like to show you around our product, so you can see why recruiters are trusting Vacancy Filler to attract, access and hire talent in a completely digital way.

All you have to do is click here to arrange an initial chat - drop us an email at or call us on 01509 221 349.


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