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Does your recruitment brand matter?

Recruitment Brand

Whether we like it or not, every organisation has a brand, even if they don’t necessarily recognise it.

A brand is any feature that distinguishes one company from another. A set of values and experiences that people associate with your company or product – built through everything you do. Whether that’s via your website and Marketing department, your Services and Customer Success Team or your Recruitment activities and your HR Department.

The job market is forever changing. Job applicants are going to great lengths to get an insight about a company culture; even as far as understanding how happy their employees are in their current position.

The way companies market themselves to job-seekers is becoming increasingly important; the days when top candidates lined up to apply for a position are long gone; companies are now needing to put recruitment strategies in place to earn the best candidates’ attention.

Companies that can easily attract top talent on the basis of having a powerful brand are in the minority, with the majority of businesses still needing to work harder than ever in the war for talent - So why does your Recruitment Brand Matter?


Building a Great Reputation is Essential

The information that candidates hear or read about your company will leave them with a basic impression of what it’s like to work there. If social-media postings about working for your company are overwhelmingly negative or employee reviews repeatedly point out an important weakness, some candidates may choose not to approach your organisation. That’s why it’s important to monitor online conversations about your company and respond to reviews that you find online in good time. Adding your voice to the conversation can give your company some control over its reputation as an employer, with failure to respond reinforcing the negative comments.

In addition, if a candidate has never heard of your company and has no frame of reference about what it’s like to work there, he or she may be wary of registering their interest with you; in this instance, no reputation at all may be better than a negative one.

However, one of the best scenarios is to ensure that plenty of positive information circulates about your company so that potential employees become familiar with your company, at least in name, and consider it a good place to work. Take control of your employer brand by populating the web with this type of information, as well as encouraging positive word-of-mouth communication from employee ambassadors, will considerably help communicate your messages.

This also applies and impacts your Recruitment Reputation. Something as simple as leaving a candidate ‘hanging’ too long with no communication during the recruitment process, can potentially be damaging.

Integrated and Inexpensive Advertising

Recruitment branding goes beyond job ads; anything that your organisation puts out is essentially an advertisement, if it’s done with your brand in mind. When you extend your branding to every part of the recruitment experience, you can push your business at the same time – inexpensively and effectively. This process, if done well, will provide you with positive brand awareness and attract customers and candidates to your company. Through the positive experiences that candidates have, you will be promoting your company through the best form of marketing: “word of mouth”.

Additionally, once an organisation starts to build and utilise their own ‘talent pools’ – a database of past candidates who have the potential to be considered for future roles - the opportunity to market back out to candidates within, is endless.

A Smooth Candidate Experience is Everything

Positive candidate experience is everything. It helps to attract recruits and retains the top talent who are right for you.

Organisations should treat candidates in exactly the same way as designing an e-commerce page for example.  You want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to “buy” so making candidates register first may be an unnecessary and off-putting step.  Regular visitors to any website are weary of leaving their details in fear of getting spammed to-death.  This is no different for candidates when applying for a job.  Modern systems still record the candidates e-mail address, but quickly and simply, so they can start the application process allowing them to break off at any point to then continue later by picking up a link that’s been discreetly e-mailed to them.

The aim of the game is to enhance your employer brand, and not Vacancy Fillers, or any other recruitment software company’s.

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and run an exercise by applying to a role you are currently advertising on your Careers Page. If you already utilise an ATS, ask yourself these questions: Whose brand is more noticeable? And did you have a positive experience? Answers to these questions will allow you to determine whether you should be upgrading to a more advanced piece of Recruitment Software.

If you’re utilising old or manual technologies to manage your recruitment processes, what does this say about the rest of your company’s technology and your attitude to investment? Don’t underestimate the fact that savvy candidates will pick up on your company’s behaviours.

Grow an Unbeatable Corporate Culture

Every organisation aims to be the one that every candidate wants to join. Savvy recruiters know that the corporate culture observed by candidates plays an important part in whether or not to accept a job offer.

Your company’s culture is also a vital component of your employer brand. If your company is known for flexible work arrangements or strong employee camaraderie, those cultural benefits can help solidify your recruiting efforts.

Great Recruiters Make Great Companies

You want your organisation to be known as the best in the business at what it does. That doesn’t just apply to your core business however, as recruitment is also a function of almost any business.

The on-boarding of new employees is also extremely important, it is vital that your new employees buy into your company and believe the company values within their introduction period. Employees are also the most important asset to any company, so great employees make for a great company.

When you become known as a careful but generous recruiter and word spreads among jobseekers, you can start to demand a higher class of candidate.

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