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How To Get The Dynamic Reporting You Need From Your ATS


It’s all well and good that your Applicant Tracking System helps streamline your recruitment process. But, there’s no point in having all your ducks in a row if you can’t report, especially now, with candidate uptake at an all-time low.

Take job boards as an example. Budgets are tight. Job board usage is necessary. But what’s the point in crossing their palms with silver if they aren’t giving you the candidates?

Spraying and praying across the usual list of job boards you’ve always used is like throwing your money down the drain. Roller-coaster times call for strategic measures.

Your ATS should be your strategic partner. It should provide you with the recruitment reporting you need to identify problems and find solutions.

The problem is that most legacy systems aren’t capable of providing you with this level of essential recruitment support.

Too many legacy ATS was designed to churn out vanity metrics for the sake of it, without any real intent or purpose. They don’t highlight areas of concern and, as a result, they leave you floundering.

Even worse, they’re not usually easy to upgrade. It can take months for the new reports you ideally needed yesterday to be built.

A top-tier ATS like Vacancy Filler becomes all the more exciting by comparison, putting the dynamic recruitment reporting you need at your fingertips.

What Reporting Features Should You Expect from a Premium ATS?

A market-leading ATS doesn’t need to go back to the drawing board to give you the essential reporting you need without fuss or bother.

With Vacancy Filler, you can build your own reports – yes, it really IS that simple and user-friendly, with a little help from the customer support team if you need a guiding hand.

Crucially, you can build reports that you want to build, reports that go beyond the basics and supply you with data that matters, such as –

  • Job Boards – Which ones are performing best for which job types and giving you all-important ROI? If certain job boards aren’t performing, why are you using them?
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Are you hitting diversity and inclusion targets? If not, what can you do to expand your search to reach out to diverse groups and talent pools? Are you trying to stick too rigidly to 9-5 on-site working patterns? Are your employee benefits as good as or better than your competitors?
  • Drop-off Rates – Where are drop-offs happening most during the candidate journey and why? Once you’re in the picture, you’re forearmed to implement changes for the better to combat problems.

Once you’ve got your reporting spot on, you can even set ‘pulses’. Pulses remove the need for any manual report pulling. Instead, reports will be generated automatically and sent to your inbox daily, weekly, monthly, or however regularly you want to receive them.

At Vacancy Filler, our customisable reporting features are purpose-designed to give you what you want, when you want it. No waiting for weeks for new programs to be developed. Just simple, fast, intuitive reporting solutions that are adaptable to changing market conditions.

Everything is possible with our ATS. From Careers Site design to hire, our platform has all the tools to enable you to bring your talent attraction to life. Why not get in touch with us to see it in action?

Why not arrange a FREE demo in the New Year? Take a look at how our dynamic reporting features can make a seismic difference to your recruitment success. Or call us today on 01509 236 434.


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