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Top 10 ATS Features Essential For Recruiters In Education


Recruiting in education is not an easy ask when you’re dealing with safeguarding and processes that are complex to say the least.


Fundamentally, you’re not going to make a great impression to potential candidates, and progress them at pace or recruit as efficiently as you can, without an advanced Applicant Tracking System.


Enjoy a run through our '10 Essential Features' we think are critical for recruiters in education to recruit safer, more efficiently and fast (in no particular order).


1. Digital Request to Recruit (RTR)

Accelerate speed to hire with an automated Request to Recruit process. Creating the RTR all in your Applicant Tracking System, gathering approvals and then, with one click, your RTR is an advert!  More time can be saved by using automation to set up reminders to your approvers, to nudge them on! 

2. Tailored, Effective Advertising

You need to advertise roles easily and quickly. Multi-posters are great to publish your ads to your careers site, social channels and Job Boards with one click. However, they are not always cost-effective as some Applicant Tracking System providers do charge extra for postings - in some cases up to £5 each. With Vacancy Filler, you can publish as many as you want, to over 70+ Job Boards, as the tech behind it was built by us! This is one of the benefits of a superior ATS.

Another function you need is reporting/analytics to measure your advertising performance. What channels are generating the best candidates - for how much? Are these sources meeting your D&I goals? BI Analytics and reporting is advancing all the time and if you don't have access to these, you won't be able to make informed decisions about your future campaigns, channels and hiring practices.

3. Digital Application Forms

Don’t risk scaring the best talent on the market off with complicated and repetitive application forms before they’ve even got started, but don't forget, there are times when complex application forms are needed! The thing is, you need choice. You need to be able to have options as to whether you have a long and winding application form or just a 'mini-app form' that takes basic details before your screening assessments commence. 


In a nutshell, you need the flexibility to have many types of application forms!


Digital application forms include brilliant functionalities like:

  • Auto-population of application forms and mini-app forms directly from a candidate’s CV
  • Pre-selected email and SMS templates so you can reach out and make a personalised connection with candidates as soon as they’ve applied with you.
  • Video's and rich-media for that almighty candidate experience
  • e-Signatures to safeguard your recruiting


4. Career Gap Analysis


Some recruiters print out applications to ascertain if there are any gaps in an application form. This is time heavy - but you shouldn't have to do it. A great and time saving ATS feature - Careers Gap Analysis will perform this for you and highlight any gaps - so you can go back to your candidate and find out why. Very few Applicant Tracking Systems can do this - but we know one that does!!


5. Digital Checks


References and background checks are the norm with applications for roles in education. So, it’s good news for you – and good news for candidates - that you can auto-request referencing and perform background and RTW checks directly from an ATS. It’s quick, simple and it keeps everything together in one place for easy access.

For example, DBS checking. Vacancy Filler recently joined forces with Experian, a partnership that’s extra beneficial for recruiters in education making bulk checks. Very soon, you should be able to request DBS checking through the platform and receive the results back in the same place. And with integration, all this can be uploaded into your your HRIS without any hassle. The same for Right To Work (RTW) checks with TrustID.

6. Blind/Confidential Shortlisting

You pre-determine exactly which application form or CV fields are presented or redacted for Hiring Panels or Hiring Managers. The Application Tracking System will do the rest.


No more trawling through printed out application forms and CVs with a black marker pen. No more worries about unintentional compliancy issues due to human errors that can easily occur when you’re carrying our bulk redaction by hand. Here's what is available through a great ATS:

  • Ability to redact candidates’ personal data (you can customise)
  • Deliver application forms/CV's anonymously to decision makers in hiring panels directly within the ATS
  • Create Hiring Panel Check-list
7. Interview and Calendar Management


Calendar integration cuts out the need for checking diary availability with shortlisted candidates on the phone and by email to get them scheduled in for interviews.


Once you’ve internally aligned dates and time slots to offer for candidate interviews, it’s over to them. With an automated self-service platform, candidates can book, re-schedule and cancel to suit and by Calendar integration (with Officer365 as an example) it magically turns up in the recruiters/hiring managers calendar too! 


8. Digital Onboarding with E-Signatures


You need to get new talent signed-up and starting, so you need to digitally onboard. An ATS should enable you to select and send Onboarding documents such as Offer Letters and Contracts to your candidates online. Also, they should allow you to build forms that capture key candidate data that you need before they start.


Therefore, it's important to have e-Signatures or ‘wet signatures’ to not only be legally compliant but to also make the onboarding process a lot slicker and paper-free. Read more about this, in our blog 'The Biggest Advantages of Digital Signature'


9. Analytics & D&I Reporting


A reporting suite that supports your recruiting and D&I strategy will help you identify any gaps across your recruitment process and an awful lot more.


As we touched on earlier, you need to have the capability of generating reports so you can scientifically measure your KPI's, time to hire, cost to hire, sources and D&I. With advanced ATS platforms, these are possible.





10. GDPR Compliance, Control & Security 


An Applicant Tracking Systems should be fast and responsive but also super secure and GDPR compliant and you should be in full 'control' your candidate date. It should therefore have a number of technology and organisational controls in place that makes your establishment compliant and secure, such as:

  • You control your candidate data - not the ATS provider
  • Candidate data should be stored in an ISO27001 compliant data centre
  • Cyber Essential Certification
  • An online portal where your candidates can update or remove their data
  • Auto-remove applicant information from all systems after the retention period (alongside candidate communications to advise them).
  • Flexibility to change the GDPR retention period

At Vacancy Filler, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to Applicant Tracking System for hundreds of UK Schools, Academies, Colleges and Trusts. Take a more detailed look here

Everything above is possible with Vacancy Filler and we’d love the opportunity to show you around the system in more detail. Book a time-slot here for a walk and talk through of the essential features functions no educational recruitment professional should be without.

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