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Tips to Reduce Your Candidate Application Process

Make_The_Application_Process_Quick_And_EasyWhy would you choose to continue to use long digital application forms if you are generating fewer applications? After all, woeful tales of skills shortages and a general lack of engaged candidates are everywhere you turn.

The current market is driving experimental recruitment marketing processes, so there's no better time to review your application process and start A/B testing to discover better ways of getting applications through the door and into your recruitment software

We've put together 4 Top Tips that could reduce your application process whilst ensuring you get the candidates with the right skills/expertise/professional qualifications to match your recruitment marketing strategy.

1. Killer Questions with Mini-App Forms

Experiment by cutting down your application forms into one mini-form could be a quick fix. Instead of lengthy forms that capture every piece of data, for an interim time (and until the candidate market picks up), you can trim down to get just basic key information. In fact, you could do really minute forms underpinned by Killer Questions to ask the most pertinent skills or qualifications you require for that specific role. That will really cut down your application process and present you with the talent best suited for that job.

And don't forget, with any type of form, you can embed company videos to share your values!

2. Mini-App Forms with CV Upload

Depending on the type of roles you are recruiting for, go back to CV only and do some testing! Again, gather basic info with a mini-application form with the ability to upload a CV. 

3. Mini-App Forms, CV Upload & Killer Questions

Combine Killer Questions, Mini application forms, and CV upload into one for more exact qualifications or skills-based roles. This screens candidates at the outset progresses or nicely rejects them.

4. Remove All Types of Screening Questions

We know you want candidates that culturally fit your organisation or you want to see the face behind the CV with video screening but with such a shortage of candidates, why not just put a pause on these - just to test if you get increased candidates or fewer drop-outs. It's only temporary until the candidate market picks up.

If you have great Applicant Tracking Software, you should be able to adapt your process in a quick and effective way, giving you the ability to experiment away! If not, perhaps now is a good time to start reviewing!

Want to find out more about how our Applicant Tracking System can provide adaptability to experiment? Why not arrange a Free Demo or give us a call on 01509 236 434.

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