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Felsted School signs up to Vacancy Filler following  client referrals

Felsted School is a prominent boarding and day school for boys and girls between the ages four to eighteen. In 2013, the Independent Schools Inspectorate rated Felsted: ‘Excellent in every aspect’.

The school is situated in North Essex, one hour from London, employs more than 670 members of staff and recruit more than 80 times a year.


We spoke to Tony Cocca, Human Resources Advisor, at Felsted School. Tony’s role is to oversee recruitment, as well as management of day to day employee relations and other HR duties.

Tony explained how he had experience in implementing an Applicant Tracking System in one of his previous roles and that he saw the value that could be added to Felsted. He mentioned how the school is growing year on year and that he is recruiting for an increasing amount of positions; making their previously manual method too labour intensive to work efficiently.

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To gain permission to recruit new staff, Tony was previously required to print off documents and present them to another member of staff based in a separate building. He spoke of his eagerness to utilise Vacancy Filler’s Request to Recruit function which would centralise and streamline the manual procedure; this would give more time back to Tony and the rest of the HR department.

Tony added that he is looking forward to utilising Vacancy Filler’s reporting function which will allow Felsted to move away from spreadsheets while giving them more transparency on elements of recruitment such as cost per hire.

Finally, as part of the decision making process, Felsted were provided with a number of Vacancy Filler’s customers in the education sector. Tony stated that being able to speak to, and even visit, these references helped enormously in the decision making process as Felsted were able to see the system working and hear how Vacancy Filler had helped others in a similar situation.

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