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The changing face of recruitment in retail: Part 3

How to attract and retain the best people in retail

Finding and attracting the best talent

Previously, this series looked at the changing face of recruitment in retail, where we established that retailers are facing challenging times as a result of changing trends such as the rise of online shopping and consumers spending less due to having less disposable income.

With lower footfall, the increasing overheads, and a weaker pound, retailers up and down the country are now facing the grim reality of store closures and staff redundancies, with 2018, so far, being a painful year with well-known brands such as Toys ‘R’ Us and Maplin disappearing from the high street completely.

Retailers are now having to stand out and offer a more personalised experience to their customers to increase their chances of gaining continued loyalty and gaining the much-needed sales that are essential to keeping their stores open.

It’s always been important to have an at least ‘satisfactory’ customer experience but, now more than ever, retailers are having to ensure that their customers have a positive experience and feel truly valued; with fantastic service and positive customer engagement being one of the best ways of achieving this. Retailers, therefore, need to have happy, energetic and engaged employees to help deliver the expected high-levels of customer service their customers expect but finding the right people to do this can be difficult, especially in the retail industry.

With UK unemployment remaining consistently low at 4.2%, the competition for top talent remains extremely high. Furthermore, with the current job market being candidate-driven, candidates have much more choice in where they work, with many talented workers finding retail unattractive and unappealing due to assumed low wages and lack of benefits or progression.

With the right tools, a retailer can enhance their ability to attract and retain the much-needed employees who can provide a perfect customer experience and build brand loyalty.


How to attract and retain the best people in retail

Having a strong and positive employer brand is essential to attracting like-minded people who are in tune with your mission, values and company culture. By clearly demonstrating your employer brand, you can easily show exactly what it’s like to work for your organisation as well as the reasons why it is such a fantastic place to work.

A clearly defined job description that portrays what your company has to offer can help entice and excite potential candidates to apply. Additionally, by including what requirements and experiences are needed, not only can you enhance your chance of attracting the right candidate, but you can help deter those who are not suitable for the role.

With a fully branded and visually appealing careers page, you can promote your company culture, employment benefits, opportunities for progression, and values, so potential candidates can make an informed decision about your organisation when considering employment with you. A careers page is the perfect place to sell your organisation and, with the right message, you can persuade candidates who align with your values that you are an employer that they should want to work for. Missguided, for example, use a visually appealing and fun careers page to promote their company culture and send out the right message to attract the best-suited candidates.

Once you have mastered attracting great candidates, there is the task of managing each application but, with an Applicant Tracking System in place, you can streamline the process of sorting, sifting and ranking each candidate. Instead of spending precious time viewing hundreds of CVs, you can use keyword searches and skills-based tests to easily find the most suited candidates. With an Applicant Tracking System, all applications are stored in one location and, additionally, you can build a talent pool of people who are already interested in working for your organisation but may have just fallen short of the mark at that time but could be perfect for a future role.

Hiring managers can also communicate more effectively as, with an Applicant Tracking System, they can easily send personalised messages and feedback to every candidate at each stage of the application process, creating a better candidate journey that helps improve the chances of that candidate applying again and, more importantly, ensuring that if they are an existing customer, they remain as one. 

After making a new hire, it’s important to continue to communicate effectively; maintaining a clear line of communication allows you to help keep staff informed and engaged. By keeping employees up to date with branding and the right messages, you can ensure they will be ready to deliver an optimum service to your customers.

In addition to this, not only will you have a more productive and happier workforce that helps to deliver fantastic customer service, but they are also more likely to stay and develop with your organisation whilst building strong relationships and loyal customers.

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