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Free Webinar | Is Video Interviewing right for your recruitment process?


Saving time and saving money, two key focuses for any HR and In-House Recruitment Team, no matter what industry your business is in. There's an abundance of ways for you to achieve both, but ensuring that you are only cutting time and money (spend), and not sacrificing quality is a factor that must be considered heavily before making changes to any recruitment process.

Video Interviewing, as a relatively new technology to the recruitment market, is a heavily overlooked feature than can easily, and inexpensively, be added to your hiring process.

This live webinar will:

  • Uncover areas in your existing process where time and money can be saved
  • Help you to learn the value that video interviewing can add
  • Show you the range of features now available with video interviewing
  • Highlight the benefits video interviews can add to your candidates and your employer brand
  • Assess whether or not video interviewing would benefit your existing process

As always, you will be given the chance to have any questions that you have answered, and you will finish the webinar feeling knowledgeable as to whether or not video interviewing would be a value-add, or just another cost, to your hiring process.



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