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How to create a rapid Job Request to Job Posting Process




Recruiters are fast moving people and need to fill a role in the shortest amount of time. If your Applicant Tracking System is a little, shall we say out-dated, you may not have all the features you need to approve, create, post and report on your campaigns.

How much time do you lose from Request to Recruit to Posting your Jobs to paid and unpaid Job Boards and Social Channels? 

Bang, Bang Post. Repeat. 

Request to Recruit

You can do this directly within your ATS or can you? A digital request to recruit will transform your approval process with your Hiring Managers. Fill in the request, send for approval, get the request back and BOOM – create your Job Advert. This seamless workflow will save lots of admin and time chasing your Hiring Managers (or whoever the stakeholders are).

Built in Multi Poster.

Once your Request to Recruit has been approved, your ATS will auto-create a Job Advert. Then all you need to do is literally “tick” the Job Boards and social media sites you want your ad published to and hey presto! It’s published. Obviously, you need an ATS like Vacancy Filler that has an inbuilt multi-poster that integrates with whole host of free and paid for Job Boards.

But what’s the point if you don’t know how your adverts are performing – especially the paid for ones?


Why take a scattergun approach and post to every Job Board out there, when you can just publish to the ones that generate the best talent? Analytics help you make better decisions and an Applicant Tracking System with real-time reporting of your adverts, stages and ranks by source will help you in your fight to secure the best talent within your budget. If you had data which showed you that all your best candidates came from a free Job Board – why would you buy ad credits?

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