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Disengaged Staff: The True Cost to your Business


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Every day, companies are losing money from their bottom line without knowing what the real problem is. What if I told you that your organisation could be losing money due to a lack of productivity, as a direct result of demotivated employees?

According to research by Gallup, the proportion of workers who are not engaged with their work is a whopping 68%, but what is even more concerning is those who are actively involved and engaged with their work is a meagre 11%.

Therefore, it seems that men and women from the UK, especially the younger generations, are lacking in energy and motivation towards their work.

This is bad news for business; low productivity, low performance and lack of engagement is costing companies in both growth and turnover.


Continuing to employ disengaged employees could lead to lacklustre performance, low quality work output and increased employee absenteeism; ultimately costing your organisation money in lost production or lower revenue.

Unhappy employees could also be damaging to an organisation’s brand because of poor customer engagement. Would you want to continue doing business with a company after receiving a poor level of service from a disengaged staff member?

This all comes down to motivating employees, as happy employee’s make for better performances.

As high workplace productivity is the cornerstone of a successful company, it is, therefore, essential to have happy, energetic and motivated staff.

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