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How Communication Can Make or Break a Brand


Communication with candidates during the recruitment process is a growing priority for businesses of all kinds; not only can poor communication push candidates away from applying for roles, but it can also directly damage a company’s brand.

Establishments in the education sector are firmly placed in the public eye and their success often depends on their reputation. The need for the highest quality communication with candidates is influencing a growing number of schools, academies, 6th forms, colleges and universities to turn to cloud-based recruitment technology.

Issues with communication often arise from a decentralised process of recruitment. When hiring managers use out of date methods for tasks such as shortlisting, communication is often the first part that suffers. Huntingdonshire Regional College found that: “The system has enabled us to manage the whole process online, even the manager’s shortlisting. This has made communicating with candidates very quick and very simple, especially the SMS function”.

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Use of text messaging coupled with other functionality provided by recruitment software can dramatically save time and finances. Ellen Cook at the University of Nottingham said: “We have just started using the calendar module which is great as it means candidates can book themselves in for interview and text messages can be sent out easily to remind them of their interview – everything is just so much easier”. By using both the two functions together, time that is often wasted on missed interviews is dramatically reduced or removed altogether.

Being able to send out text messages to candidates is only one means of communication; through a centralised recruitment strategy, emails to candidates can be automated and personalised. Ellen also stated that: “It’s great to have everything in one place; we haven’t got different emails to send out.” An automated process saves time as individual emails do not have to be drafted and sent individually, though more importantly, by personalising them, candidates are made to feel more respected and appreciated than they would with a “Dear Applicant…” email.

Vacancy Filler is able to go the extra distance when it comes to building an institution’s brand. With the example of Cardiff and Vale College, a bi-lingual application process was put in place which allowed the college to cater for people from diverse backgrounds. Mark O’Brien told us: “We are now able to have a truly bi-lingual application process. So we have a Welsh internet page and when someone clicks on ‘apply in Welsh’, they go to a Welsh recruitment page where they can complete a Welsh online application form. As a college we strive to ensure both the English and Welsh languages are treated equally so it was vital for us to be able to provide the option to apply in Welsh.”

In all, centralisation is needed throughout the whole recruitment process in order for an institution’s brand to be fully optimised. By using our cloud-based recruitment software, our customers are able to communicate with their candidates in a way that does justice to the institution. Through Vacancy Filler they are able to personally contact each individual that applies, be it through personalised rejections, text reminders or by providing an application form in their own language.

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