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How we banished ghosting at Vacancy Filler



According to a report by Linkedin, UK firms have seen a 50% rise in ghosting within the last year.

Just because a new hire has signed on the dotted line, there is no longer a guarantee that the employee will turn up on their first day.

In fact, an increasing number of new hires are failing to turn up to their new jobs, potentially causing a lot of empty seats and a lot of lost revenue for the organisations.

Often, new hires are 'ghosting' because of a lack of communication between the point of job offer and the start date. Without any positive communication, new hires are more likely to question their decision and be open to other opportunities; which could result in them reneging on their offer and increasing the chances of them doing a disappearing act and ghosting the organisation.

Hiring a talented and skilled employee after weeks or months of searching, sifting and interviewing, only for that employee to not turn up can be disheartening, especially if you’ve paid excessive agency fees for the hire.

Not only is this extremely frustrating for a hiring team, as they now have to use more valuable resources finding new candidates for the same role, but it can also have a damaging effect on the organisation, especially if that position is critical for a business’s development and productivity.

20% of recruiters have said that ghosting had also cost them in clients and had damaged their professional reputation[1].

It's not just new hires, promising candidates are not turning up for interviews, or go missing after the interview has taken place, leading to a lot of wasted time on the interviewer's behalf.

How we banished ghosting at Vacancy Filler

At Vacancy Filler, we have experienced first-hand the difficulties of attracting and retaining talented employees, as there is always fierce competition for skilled candidates in the local market.

Just like you, we were frustrated by talented and skilled new hires failing to turn up to work on their first day, therefore, we decided to optimise the way we recruit to stop us missing out on the best talent and from new hires being tempted away.

We understand that to ensure the best talent does not disappear, it’s critical to continue engagement throughout onboarding, induction and beyond.

To combat ghosting from happening at Vacancy Filler, we put in place the below processes to ensure that new hires are turning up, ready and raring to go on their first day.

We have a dedicated talent manager

Our dedicated talent manager identifies and nurtures potential new hires and assures them throughout the recruitment journey that Vacancy Filler is the best place for them to work.

Often, ringing outside of work hours, our talent manager will make sure certain needs are met before and after the candidate has accepted the job offer.

Having this dedicated point of contact for all new hires allows us to communicate with candidates at every step, ensuring the best talent is constantly engaged and looking forward to joining the Vacancy Filler Family.

We have a communication app that exposes new hires to our fantastic company culture

As well as a dedicated talent manager, we have an amazing communication app that gives new hires the opportunity to see our company culture, and the way our organisation works, during the onboarding part of the hiring process and throughout their time at Vacancy Filler.

As soon as a new hire accepts the job, we invite them to join our communication app where they are able to view useful training videos, see our fabulous social events, view their agenda for the first few weeks and much more.

Our communication app not only brings new hires up to speed quicker, but it gives them exposure to our company at the same time, helping them feel like a part of the team before they even start.

Additionally, if a new hire is not engaging with us through the communication app, we are able to take action straight away to ensure we are not left with any dreaded employee no-shows.

With the US Federal Reserve stating that ghosting is on the rise, it’s more important than ever to optimise the way your business engages with both potential candidates and new hires.

To find out how Vacancy Filler can help bust ghosting at your organisation, get in touch on 01509 236 434 or email


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