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How to Spice up Your Screening

With soaring application rates, you need to make sure your best candidates are not slipping through the net.

In this blog, we quickly go through the A to F of Screening that will certainly spice up your life!

Listen up savvy recruiters! Save time, reduce time to hire, improve collaboration with stakeholders and set in stone a process that delivers the best candidate right to your door, in a quicker and more cost effective way!

An ATS should have the flexibility so that you can introduce tests at any point of your application process with the extra bonus of automatically ranking (and sending out success/rejections email) based on your candidates results.

Here’s a snapshot of how your ATS should help you improve your screening and reduce to time to hire.

a) Next level CV Parsing

Parsing is only as good as the technology driving it! So, your ATS needs great parsing tech to eke out keywords based on either skills, qualifications or experience.

Most Applicant Tracking Systems only parses for the very basic of data such as names and email addresses – which serial candidates do change and regularly! And for your Agencies, you can also parse candidate data that’s on the system against candidates submitted CV’s from their candidates. Vacancy Filler takes CV Parsing to the next level with the ability to parse on:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Employment History
  • University/College
b) Candidate Testing – Killer Questions

By introducing testing, you can reduce your screening dramatically! There are quite a few types to choose from, depending on your roles. Here’s a real basic example:

Role: HGV Driver
Essential Qualification required: Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)
Killer Question: Have you got a Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) – YES/NO

For all those that answered YES, you could invite them to record a video (all this track could be automated and branded)

For all those that answered NO, you could send rejection email, tag them as marketing professional and add to your talent pool without having to lift a finger)

c) Candidate Testing – Skills Based Assessments

If you want to test your candidates competencies, an ATS should come with hundreds of tests covering literacy, numeracy and personality assessments that you can wrap your automation around so you don’t have to manually rank candidates making candidate assessments much easier.

Here’s some examples:

  • Health & Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Basic Literacy
d) Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

For organisations looking for candidates that align to their values, lead the way with role based SJTs to assess and shortlist candidates. Set your own thresholds for pass rates, which can be set by % or points and then let automation kick in to progress your candidates to the next stage or their journey, depending on their responses.

e) Psychometric Testing

Get an all-round view of a candidates suitability at any point of your recruitment cycle. Evaluate performance on, for example, personality traits, attitudes and job/academic potential.

f) Video Screening

Face to face interviews are taking a back seat whilst everyone “turns on mute” but with high volumes of candidates, how can you see every candidate from your first phase of short listing?

This is where video screening comes in to play, it allows you to set predetermined questions that candidates have to answer via video and gives you a much better opportunity to get to know the person behind the CV.

But remember to get the true value of video screening it needs to be flexible and preferably built-in to your ATS. If it isn’t you will add more manual tasks to your recruitment process which could eliminate the time saving benefits it is supposed to introduce. Also, your ATS provider should offer unlimited usage at no extra cost, otherwise you can say goodbye to the cost saving benefits too. Guess what? Vacancy Filler does all of this! Why not read our Recruiters Guide to Video Screening to get the low-down of the different types of tech in the market.

If you want to see our Screening Tools in Action inside the Vacancy Filler platform,book a demo by clicking here.


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