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Business in the Community is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network. Their purpose is to create a fairer society and a more sustainable future. They are a progressive movement and work with businesses to drive change and develop an integrated approach to running a responsible business.  As an organisation they recruit both internally and externally around 100 times per annum.

We spoke to Eirini, a Human Resources Adviser at Business in the Community about the recent partnership with Vacancy Filler.



Eirini explained that Business in the Community was seeking to improve their recruitment processes in a number of areas: though both the candidate and recruiting manager’s experience, through reductions in the administrative burden of the HR Team and through improvements in monitoring and evaluating both the recruitment process and the candidates.

When asked about reporting, Eirini mentioned that Business in the Community, whilst having information on their current staff do not currently have the capacity to report on their recruitment process. Reporting was one of the main ambitions in adopting Vacancy Filler, as the HR team are ambitious to report on elements such as equality and diversity information. Furthermore, Eirini explained how their current paper based folders and spreadsheet logs containing who was hired and who was rejected was an outdated system.

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The HR department’s five staff; of which three are part time, are all involved in different aspects of the recruitment process while many recruiting managers are based out of the office. Due to this, access to a system that provides up to date information on progress and enables them to record decisions was welcomed by the HR team. Through a clear system, Eirini is confident that anyone in the HR team will be able to easily deal with all candidate queries regardless of who is dealing with the actual vacancy.

Overall, Eirini spoke of how she aims to use Vacancy Filler to improve the efficiency of the HR department by streamlining what is currently a labour and time intensive recruitment strategy.

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