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The Benefits of Integrated Experian Background Checks


The current pressure on HR recruitment teams is as high as it’s ever been, if not higher, due to the high volume of job applications.

And it’s even higher for any sector where background checks are done as part of the recruitment process.

It can be nothing short of soul destroying if your systems, processes, and procedures aren’t up to the contemporary demand for background checks.

To meet such unparalleled demand, two UK market leaders have joined forces to provide you with integrated background checks that are efficient, effective and equitable.

That’s exactly the result of quick and painless background checks by Experian, integrated into the Vacancy Filler Applicant Tracking System.

"Experian is delighted to have partnered with a market leader in recruitment technology. Recruitment is changing at pace, and this partnership shows a true focus on data, security and technology, which will deliver a smoother and quicker onboarding experience for all recruiters.

The integration of Experian’s background checks into Vacancy Filler’s platform will give customers a seamless candidate onboarding solution and power HR teams to make better, more informed recruitment decisions. A single solution to manage the recruitment process, will see employers being able to track, manage and screen their candidates all in one place. The integration will drastically improve the candidate’s experiences by minimising touchpoints between their interview and their first day in work." Hugo Gretton, Partnerships Development Manager at Experian Partnerships & Alliances.

Matthew Brooks, Head of HR Solutions at Experian Background Checking, said “We are very excited about the months ahead as we continue to grow our partnership with Vacancy Filler and evolve the recruitment industry”.


Categories Available Via Experian Background Checks

  • Career – Education, employment, employment benefits, financial information, gaps, self-employment.
  • Company Directorships – Current, previous, disqualifications.
  • Criminal – Basic, standard, or enhanced, including various levels of spent and unspent convictions for roles that include the supervision of children and/or vulnerable adults.
  • DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) – Driving license validity, plus any endorsements.
  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) – Previous controlled function experience, and any disciplinary details.
  • Financial – Bankruptcies, County Court Judgements, voluntary administrations.
  • Identity – Verification and authentication.
  • Media – Negative coverage.
  • Sanctions – Arms dealing, fraud (including corporate fraud), money laundering, terrorism, war crimes.

"We are delighted to partner with Experian, bringing their vast portfolio of background checks and the Experian brand and reputation into the Vacancy Filler offering. This will help our customers to streamline their recruitment processes and help them stay safe and compliant all from within the Vacancy Filler interface." - Jon Brookes, COO at Vacancy Filler. 


Key Plus Points the Experian Background Checks Integration

  • Transparency for candidates – Background checking integration in to your workflow helps you keep your candidates in the loop at relevant touchpoints of the recruitment process. It makes sure that they’ll be informed about what information you’re gathering about them and when. 

Quality transparent communication about sensitive issues involved in background checking can set you apart from other employers.

  • Time saved during the recruitment process – Imagine not having to manually input background check information from other sources into your Applicant Tracking System. The value to you and your team members of the time saved on superfluous admin.

It mitigates unnecessary delays. Delays that can result in candidate disengagement that could lead to the loss of your best candidates to competitors.

  • Contributes to a seamless workflow – No matter how you manage your recruitment process the Experian background checks can be utilised in a way that suits you. Just like the rest of the Applicant Tracking System they’re fully customisable.

Furthermore, the information flow with Experian is quick and seamless. Straight from your Applicant Tracking System, and back, tailored to the way your recruitment process works. When you’re recruiting the best talent or re-screening existing staff.


At Vacancy Filler, in partnership with Experian, we’re truly delighted to share this level of combined expertise with you. Customising and streamlining your recruitment processes. Helping you build upon your employer reputation. With our joint experience, you can realistically expect our contribution to have an immediate positive impact on your business.

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Jack Hardy

Digital Marketing Consultant for Vacancy Filler.

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