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Is ghosting a good thing?

Ghosting is a good thing, right?

Why do you want to employ ghosts anyway?

Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

How has a buzzword for the tinder generation transferred into our everyday work vocabulary?

  • 10% of UK Professionals have admitted to ditching an interview at the last minute (or just not turned up)
  • 17% of Millennial UK Professionals have admitted to ditching an interview at the last minute (or just not turned up)
  • 10% of Employees have admitted to disappearing from their Employer and made no further contact
Source: Survey of 1,200 UK Professionals by CV Library

Ghosting isn’t a new phenomenon though, we just used to call it a no-show. Why is it happening so often now though?

A tighter labour market means that Employers are all competing to attract and retain the best people. All this direct and agency recruitment marketing is not going unnoticed by candidates either. Some use job offers to negotiate a better deal whilst others walk without an awkward conversation or working notice.

These so-called ghosts are almost probably victims of being ghosted themselves if you believe reports that 55% of us think that applying for jobs is worse than 10 years ago. Ghosting seems to be a breeding ethic that’s ending future relationships before they’ve even started.

There are other factors as well.

6 million of us are in atypical employment relationships, (such as, zero-hour contracts, agency work, home-working) and there is a strong argument to say that number of ‘quality jobs’ has not increased. It can be a day here, a week there. One temp agency job after another and a constant eye on what next. Lengthy recruitment processes intertwined with these working lifestyles is a magnet for ghosts that are too busy surviving, to worry about withdrawing.

Oh, and let’s not forget Brexit!

Ghosting is never going away because it sounds better than no show. Implement these 5 tips to bust ghostly experiences and improve the journey for everybody else.

  1. Use video technology and a cloud-based communication platform to reduce your face to face interviewing down to 1 meeting (and include this commitment in your recruitment marketing!). More work upfront = mutual commitment along the journey and more opportunity for either party to professionally withdraw before a face to face interview.
  2. Make your best offer to the candidate first time and follow this up in writing to them within 24 hours of the verbal offer. Have you ever been made to wait a whole weekend for an interview answer?
  3. Use smarter automation and empathetic language throughout the candidate journey at trigger points for dissatisfaction and ghosting. Who likes recruiter bot talk or impersonal automated emails anyway?
  4. Keep communicating with your new colleague when they’ve accepted a job offer. Use a recruitment software solution that will enable you to easily send contracts, letters etc and request uploaded documents in return.
  5. If you have a communication platform for your employees, set them up when they’ve accepted a job offer. This will give them chance to have a different insight into your business and the culture of your workforce. It’s their chance to look at your social media, like you have theirs.

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Georgina Swann

Georgina has spent the last 25 years working alongside large technology brands developing and launching services and solution portfolios across global markets.

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