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Is your careers page putting off potential candidates?

Is your careers page putting off candidates?

Today, people are more informed than ever; with direct access to the world wide web and social media, people can easily find information on products and services in seconds, just by clicking a button. With this information, consumers have the power to decide whether to buy or whether to look elsewhere. What the salesperson on the phone says is no longer taken as gospel.

But it’s not just consumers who are informed; candidates who are seeking employment also seek out information on the organisation before deciding whether to apply or not. With 64% of candidates listing careers pages as the top resource for researching new opportunities, it is, therefore, essential to make a good first impression.

Would a poor careers page effect your chances of applying to the organisation

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What challenges could your organisation face if you don’t optimise your careers page?

Organisations that have not optimised their careers page, or have an out of date careers page/site, could be turning off potential employees. If a careers page is difficult to navigate, full of technical or industry-specific jargon, uses obvious or irrelevant stock imagery, or provides very little information other than a list of job adverts, it’s likely that you are not appealing to your potential employees who may be put off from applying.

Not only will a poor careers page harm your active job seekers, but it could also be failing to attract passive candidates. With the best talent already in employment, you must make sure your careers page appeals to these passive candidates. Those already in work are not necessarily looking for another job, but if they have a particularly bad day, then there is a high chance that they might look at other opportunities.

Importance of optimised career pages

It’s likely that these candidates will initially look for opportunities on their mobile phone during their lunch break or their commute home. Whether or not a candidate can easily access a careers page and an application form could be the difference between a candidate applying or not.

Many organisations are failing to connect with and appeal to younger candidates, which is ultimately costing them in potentially great, young talent. Younger generations are expecting to be able to access information digitally to get a better understanding of a company before applying, but too many organisations fail to give clear information on the company culture and what the job role involves, leading young people to look elsewhere.


But the biggest problem facing recruiters today is attracting the best talent, so just having a careers site alone is not enough to find employees that can help grow a business.

Potential candidates often use a careers site to familiarise themselves with a company’s culture and values, as a candidate needs to see themselves fitting in at a company before applying for a position. It is, therefore, essential to convey the right message to your potential candidates. If an organisation fails to portray their employer brand correctly, they risk losing out on great candidates. What’s worse, deterring savvy candidates from applying could result in hiring the ‘best of a bad bunch’, which could be damaging to productivity and staff morale.

So what should careers sites be doing to help attract the right candidates?

A careers site is like a shop window; instead of advertising products or services, a careers page/site should advertise what an organisation is like to work for. Careers pages should sell the idea of working for a company through its benefits, its values and its culture, as this can help to capture the attention of like-minded candidates and encourage them to apply for the job.

With a fully branded, visually pleasing, careers page, a business is more likely to leave a good impression upon its candidates and encourage them to stay on their site longer. It is, therefore, important to make a good first impression. If a candidate comes across a careers page that is difficult to navigate and appears to be out of date, how likely is it that they will apply for a job opportunity? Probably not very likely. It’s essential to have an optimised, careers page that fully integrates with the rest of the website, otherwise, you risk losing out on great candidates.

Having a visually pleasing careers page, though, is not enough if there is only a list of job adverts. Obviously, it is important to advertise current vacancies, but it is more important to show the benefits of working for the company, the culture and the values. Especially when 66% of candidates say that culture and values are what they want to know most about a company, followed by perks and benefits (54%) and mission and vision (50%).

Employer brand is key here, having a careers site that presents a strong employer brand through mediums such as social media, high-quality videos, employee photos and employee testimonials can go a long way in showing potential hires what to expect, where they could fit in, and why they should work there.

By making it as easy as possible for candidates to access, navigate and research as much information about the company as possible, a business can attract, delight and influence the right candidates into becoming a potential employee.

How Vacancy Filler can help!

Today’s market is a candidate market and, as a result, it has become increasingly important for an organisation to leverage their employer brand and differentiate themselves from the competition. With an effective employer brand, you can stand out and attract the best talent.

It’s surprising that many organisations are not taking advantage of a careers page to show the power of their employer brand, especially when candidates want to be informed about you to ensure they are making the right decision for them, before applying. In short, candidates want to visit a careers site - not a job site. However, maintaining and keeping an up to date careers site can be very expensive in development costs – but there’s another way…

At Vacancy Filler, we provide an optimised careers site which fully integrates with the rest of your content and branding, not only will the page look visually fantastic, but through embedded smartfeed technology, the page will be fully customisable. This will give you more control over what content is on the website, resulting in less money and time spent on development. 

Working with Vacancy Filler, your careers pages will also be fully optimised for accessing via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop; this will allow your candidates to easily access all of the information they need. With full job board integration, candidates can apply for an opportunity from their mobile, or preferred device, without having to click on to another site, making for a seamless candidate journey and an enjoyable experience.

A careers site is not effective if you cant drive candidates to it, that’s why it is critical that your adverts get as much exposure as possible. Through our SEO-friendly career pages, you can fully optimise your careers section so that candidates can easily find your information on search engines, such as Google.

As Social Media is probably one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a company website, Vacancy Filler can embed your careers site on to your company Facebook page, giving your candidates the ability to browse, select and apply from Facebook, giving you more exposure and further promoting your employer brand; which, in turn, will drive like-minded candidates into your recruitment process

With a careers page like the companies below, your business has the power to stand out, the power to reach the right talent, the power to delight and inform and, more importantly, the power to deliver candidates that will grow your organisation.

Instead of spending more money on developer fees, Vacancy Filler can provide you with a cost-effective solution that provides a positive candidate experience, enhances your brand, and helps you to attract and retain better quality candidates.

To find out how Vacancy Filler can help to create a powerful branding tool for your business, click here.

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