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Is your recruitment process killing off donations?


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For many businesses, the level of service and support they give to their customers is something they pride themselves on to create a feeling of appreciation and an enjoyable experience. Treating companies in this way not only helps develop the brand, it’s part of it.

Retail businesses often have existing customers apply for jobs with them, much in the same way that the charity (not for profit) sector will often find that those who apply to work for them, or even volunteer for them, are supporters and possibly even donors. For this reason, it is important that the effort placed on maintaining the positive perception of the charity in society is replicated throughout all of the charity’s communications, including the recruitment process.


The experience delivered to candidates applying for vacancies or voluntary opportunities within a charity needs to match the rest of the organisation’s brand to avoid a negative reaction from applicants. Failing to do this could result in not only damaging the charity’s brand, but also the loss of valuable donations through loss of loyalty.

Candidates have come to expect a certain level of etiquette when it comes to applying for a job or voluntary opportunity with an organisation, and this is no different when dealing with a charity.

3 things your candidates will expect from your recruitment process

  1. A simple and well branded application process that can be completed in one location, via a single, electronic method.
  2. Let the applicant know that their application has been received and what the process is to be from here, including things such as time scales.
  3. In the event that a candidate is unsuccessful, it’s important to inform them via email or SMS of this decision, and if they require feedback as to why they didn’t get selected, it should be easy to provide.

Failing to provide a positive recruitment experience, whether for paid staff or volunteers, can leave a bad taste in the mouths of what were most-likely loyal followers/fans/donors to the charity.

Communication is key during the hiring process and candidates will appreciate the effort you make to keep them updated with any information, additionally, your brand will benefit from the positive feeling that all candidates are left with about the hiring process whether they are hired or not.

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