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Why IT resilience is vital in these changing times

It's highly likely that the outcome of Covid-19 pandemic will make a significant impact on the recruitment software industry.  Many organisations have simply stopped recruiting.  Of those, some will take the opportunity to improve internal business processes including their approach to recruitment and some will see it as an opportunity to get their house in order, so they're in the best possible shape when staff recruitment starts again. 

In contrast, there are other organisations such as supermarkets, blue light and the wider care sector organisations who are rushed off their feet and need staff now. Many supermarkets have had to rethink their selection process and figure a better way to fast-track applicants through their recruitment and on-boarding process in order to find extra store and logistics workers to keep the supply chain moving.

Similarly, employees worried about their future, zero-hour contract workers and the self-employed - are signing up for roles in their thousands.

But what about volunteering - how are charities coping with the sudden surge of volunteers?

With difficulty.  Most charities unfortunately don't have the technology to manage and support their volunteers.  Indeed, they ask volunteers to register their details and they then contact them directly via email or phone.

There's no better time for organisations that rely on volunteers to re-shape how they reach out, get them onboard and communicate throughout their projects.

The right technology is key to help you achieve your goals. 

And it's never been more important in today's environment that's why IT Resilience is critical. If providers don't have the infrastructure or capacity to balance the load - organisations across all sectors simply won't have the continuity of service to manage, onboard and engage with their people.

This blog talks about how IT Resilience supports Vacancy Filler to meet the extraordinary demands of candidate applications.

What is IT Resilience?

IT Resilience is defined as an organisation's ability to maintain acceptable service levels through and beyond, severe disruptions to its critical processes and the IT systems that support them.

Closely Monitoring Recruitment Volumes

At Vacancy Filler, we closely monitor our customer behaviours and trends through real-time visibility of the platform.  We easily see an upturn or downturn in the number of roles posted by customer, by sector and by the number of applicants applying.

However, the current crisis has witnessed system outages at a number of our competitors whose IT resilience has been found wanting due to high volumes. Thankfully, the infrastructure and IT Resilience we have in place has seen our customers' applications soar without any disruption to service.

A platform supported by the most advanced technology 

Back in 2013, Vacancy Filler decided to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) - a decision that was pretty innovative at the time. But AWS alongside Microsoft Azure provided more than just the virtual services - they offered “serverless” technology - allowing our software developers the ability to “consume” a service or platform as part of an embedded solution (at one time, a developer would have to write their own service).  For example, Vacancy Filler’s unlimited email and SMS services are actually written in AWS serverless technology - back in 2013, it use our own, traditional architecture. 

Today, we have a platform that is controlled by us - if we need more raw processing power, we can simply do it ourselves. What's more, Vacancy Filler auto-scales; ie it adds more raw processing power to the platform automatically, depending on volumes, thus reducing the reliance on our own staff and mitigates the risk of attack, service outage and downtime for our customers.

A platform that copes when Applicant volumes through the roof

Recently,  we've seen our retail customers significantly increase their loads on the system - far greater than any other time in Vacancy Filler's history - as our data shows:

On Thursday 19 March 2020, we saw one of our retail clients – who typically process 200 applicants an hour – jump 10 fold to over 2,000 per hour mid-morning (10:48am).  Just 18 minutes later, it doubled again (11:06).

The number of applicants went to a staggering 32,000 per day.  The number of corresponding e-mails automatically sent out similarly increased more than 15 times.

Continuity of service has remained at the highest level across the platform 24/7, without any disruption to speed. 

In conclusion, without AWS IT Resilience and auto scaling capabilities, we would not have been able to cope with such high demand. Thankfully, Vacancy Filler stopped relying on a third-party hosting provider back in 2013, so we know when there is high demand on the system, our customers can be assured that high levels of service continue. 


We're here to help and support

If you are not receiving the quality of service you expect from your ATS vendor, please reach out to Vacancy Filler.  We can help you migrate seamlessly onto our platform, so you can continue to recruit without any loss of service during these challenging times. We're here to help in any way we can. 


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