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Getting To Grips With KCSIE Safe Recruitment in Education


The release of the newly updated version of the KCSIE safeguarding guidance on 1st September involves getting to grips with additions and amendments.


It’s also a prompt to relook at how your existing recruitment processes and your ongoing training and development align with KCSIE.

In addition to revisiting your existing processes, it’s also necessary that you ensure continued compliance moving forwards.

In its ‘Recruitment and Selection Process’ section, KCSIE underlines four key principles:

  • “Ensuring potential applicants are given the right messages about the school and college’s commitment to recruit suitable people.”
  • “Governing bodies and proprietors…adopt robust recruitment procedures that deter and prevent people who are unsuitable to work with children from applying for or securing employment.”
  • “Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that those involved with the recruitment and employment of staff to work with children have received appropriate safer recruitment training.”
  • Governing bodies of maintained schools and management committees of pupil referral
    units (PRUs) to ensure that at least one of the persons who conducts an interview has
    completed safer recruitment training”

Its sheer common sense given the onus on child safeguarding in educational recruitment. It’s also an enormous burden if your tools of the trade aren’t fit for purpose.

How Can an Applicant Tracking System Support KCSIE Compliance in Your Recruitment Processes?

It’s difficult to keep on top of everything when you’re sifting through applications and trying to collate different pieces of critical information about candidates. And it’s too easy for things to slip through the net in human error.

KCSIE-compliant recruitment doesn’t have to be on a wing and a prayer when you have a purpose-designed Applicant Tracking System to help screen and streamline all the crucial elements across every touchpoint.

Key features that support KCSIE-compliance include:

  • Killer & Screening Questions – An immediate convictions disclosure request can automatically prevent unsuitable candidates from even progressing to application stage.
  • eSignature on Application Forms - Having the ability to capture a candidates signature at the very start of the application process is key. Without this, your candidate journey won't be compliant with KCSIE.
  • Digital Reference Checks – Early-stage references are necessary in educational recruitment. But they can cause the process to flounder when you’re badgering referees to form fill and/or attach documents to emails. With an Applicant Tracking System, referees can upload references straight in to it, removing effort, and capturing everything in one place - with digital signatures too.
  • Safeguarding Alerts – You can customise an Applicant Tracking System to automatically raise alarm bells about any unexplained career gaps or past convictions that need probing more closely (Vacancy Filler has a Career Gap Analysis feature that does this for you).
  • Integrated Advanced DBS Checks - Vacancy Filler’s partnership with Experian means you can request an Advanced DBS check on a candidate directly from your Applicant Tracking System, and receive it back from Experian in exactly the same place. 

At Vacancy Filler, we have deep roots in educational recruitment. Our formidable Applicant Tracking System was built to address to your sector specific complex needs. In addition, it continues to grow hand in hand with the evolving demands of safer recruitment in education.

Feel free to request a tailored software demo for your Trust, College, University or School click here.

Or call us on 01509 236434 to find out how simple it is to be KCSIE compliant with confidence. 


Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021, Department for Education - click here 




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