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Key West Ford: Reducing Manual Work through Centralised Recruitment

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Key West Ford is a Franchise Ford dealer that sells new and pre-owned vehicles, located on the outskirts of Vancouver BC and employing around 140 members of staff; they boast a large service, parts and detailing department. Additionally, their in-house leasing department deals with a lot of commercial businesses and is heavily connected in the movie industry.

We spoke to Flynn Yeo who, as the company’s Operations Manager, oversees all the processes and logistics throughout the dealership. His other responsibilities include managing the company’s marketing activity and inventory, ensuring that staff are performing their jobs effectively and that morale is high.  

Flynn said “Our annual hiring rate differs across departments; our sales department sometimes sees a higher turnover, whereas hiring rates everywhere else in the company are much lower”. Prior to implementing Vacancy Filler, Key West Ford would share their vacancies onto platforms such as Craigslist, LinkedIn and Indeed; they also relied heavily on promoting roles through word-of-mouth across their dealership.

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Flynn noted a major issue around the old hiring process, informing us that he would have to manually sift through all of the CVs they received to find the best candidates, organise them and make appointments to bring candidates in. This was one of the main reasons that Key West Ford acknowledged the fact that they needed a more effective recruitment process – one that would streamline all of these inefficiencies.

KWF2.jpgIt was Flynn’s General Manager, Adam, who connected with Vacancy Filler via LinkedIn whilst looking for a recruitment solution that could solve the recruitment issues they were facing. Flynn said, “Vacancy Filler provided the best fitting platform for us to manage our recruitment process; it reduced manual work for us and the implementation of the software was really smooth – I was impressed with both the implementation and the training that I received.”

Flynn added. “As soon as we started using Vacancy Filler, I immediately noticed that time was saved through everything being filtered into one area, instead of having to locate CVs sent through to our emails”. Flynn added that the whole platform is a benefit as everything is consolidated.

Another benefit Flynn noted was time-management and having the ability to filter different candidates without missing out on those of quality, adding how beforehand it was easy to miss or accidentally delete emails containing quality CVs.

Flynn closed by saying, “Vacancy Filler is a great product and it has really helped to save us time managing candidates during periods of high recruitment, not only this, but the more efficient process has been seen to be enhancing our employer brand, both in terms of a quality candidate journey, and also a fair process”.



Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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