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Losing new hires?  Your onboarding process could be to blame.

impact of poor onboarding

The chosen candidate may have been engaged and interested in your company at the interview stage, however, by the time they actually start with your company, they might not be so sure. If a new employee turns up on their first day not knowing what to expect and not knowing what to do, their expectations of what the rest of their time with your organisation will be like is going to be greatly reduced.

The impact of poor onboarding

Up to a month after starting a new role, more than 48% of employees are still actively looking for new opportunities. With plenty of other opportunities on the table, if there are any traces of doubt, a new employee could question whether they have made the right decision.

Businesses that don’t onboard new hires effectively run the risk of disengaging them, which could result in that employee feeling that this experience, does not match the experience promised at interview. Putting doubt in a new hires mind this early on could easily result in a lost employee.


As Employees are 69% more likely to stay at a business for longer after experiencing a great onboarding process, it is important to maintain effective communication with a new hire from the point of application received, through to job offer and beyond. With an effective employee onboarding and induction process, your business can align new hires with company expectations and company culture and introduce them to the team, showing them what to expect from their new role.

By training, socialising and introducing new hires to your company culture, your new employee will feel a sense of belonging to your company. As a result, they will be looking forward to starting and making an impact straight away. 

In a competitive market where the most sought-after candidates are hard to come across, retention of employees is just as important as attracting new candidates, so it is essential to get your employee onboarding and induction processes right.

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