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Managing Growth Within your Business

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In a market where businesses are constantly competing and consumer needs are always changing, growth is something that most companies strive for, believing it will boost business and be their route to success. However, it can also be a company’s downfall, overwhelming those too small to effectively handle substantial growth; many companies fall under pressure to hire more staff to accommodate the increase in business and associated costs.

It is therefore vital that as a business, growth is approached carefully; issues can arise when the people you are hiring to aid growth are not the right fit for your company and ultimately leave within the first few months. To ensure you are attracting the right candidates, you must develop a strong company brand and ensure that your recruitment brand is aligned with that company brand, whilst remaining those brands consistently throughout your company website; this is important so to not confuse or even put-off potential future employees.

Once you have attracted the right candidates to accommodate existing and future growth, the next step is keeping those employees happy, making them want to stay working for you. 

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If you provide your candidates with a poor experience, this can badly affect your business’ revenue stream; the results can see revenue disappearing without a clear indication as to why, but even more importantly, it could be going straight to a competitor.

Starting a new job can be an overwhelming time for anyone and if your company lacks an effective employee on-boarding process, new hires can be left feeling unhappy, neglected and may ultimately be left with a negative view of the business they have joined. To overcome this, your company should have a structured on-boarding process to ensure that new recruits are efficiently transitioned into your company, taking them from candidate to employee.

Your careers page should be updated and maintained as your company grows; otherwise candidates can be put-off applying to your company, which could ultimately lose you a potentially great candidate. If you utilise your careers page effectively and sell yourself as a strong brand, you will better hold the interest of those who already follow you – all while cutting costs from advertising your roles elsewhere.  

When it comes to business growth, many companies struggle as they lack in resources or do not manage their time effectively to be able to handle a higher volume of applicants.  

If your business has experienced growth then most likely you will have experienced an increase in the number of candidates applying for your vacancies and it is here that many businesses struggle. Equally, high volumes of candidates is one of the main reasons why many companies miss out on talent as they are unable to manage such numbers efficiently, such as responding quickly enough due to their increased workload.

A lack of resources, poor time-management and poor job board/ social media utilisation are examples of factors that cause a business to struggle with handling high volumes of candidates – this creates the danger of companies missing out on talent because they cannot approach them quickly enough. Choosing a recruitment software provider like Vacancy Filler will streamline your hiring process and help you to create a positive candidate experience and a smooth candidate journey that reflects well on your company brand. Vacancy Filler can help to maintain your hiring process and provide recruitment services to keep your recruitment brand up to date, and your candidates satisfied.

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