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What's Our Most Common Candidate Support Questions?


Bringing candidate support to life is key to delivering a great candidate journey. You need to provide a very good support service for your candidates, just in case they need a helping hand during their application.

With the best will and intention in the world, a large percentage of candidates will need a bit of clarification about something. The difference between a great and a not-so-good application has the potential to be life-changing for candidates. So, it’s only natural they don’t want to mess it up.

Helping thousands of candidates, the Vacancy Filler Support team has put together a list of the Top 10 most common questions that candidates ask for help with:

1.  My CV is struggling to upload onto the website, what can I do?

2.  Why won't my form submit?

3.  Is my application complete?

4.  I would like to work with you, how do I apply?

5.  What do I do when one of my referees doesn’t have an email address to include?

6.  Who would you suggest I use as referees if I don’t have any.

7.  My personal statement doesn’t fit into the application because it exceeds the character limit. I don’t want to edit it down. Is there anything I can do?

8.  How far back does my employment history need to go?

9.  Please can you send me a new link so I can apply? I’ve lost/didn’t receive it.

10. I’m applying for my first job. What should I put in the employment history section?

Unless you're set up as a Call Centre or Service Desk, it's going to be pretty difficult to help your candidates along the way, especially as most require immediate guidance. Why have a deadline on a Job Advert if it takes your team 2 weeks to get back to candidates to help with them their application?

Recruiters should be reviewing their candidate support and shifting it straight to the top of their priority list. Like it or not, it will have an impact on your reputation, your customer service, and your talent acquisition, so if you have nothing in place to serve your candidates at this important stage - it really is time to start looking!

Why Vacancy Filler

Our Applicant Tracking System comes with a whole host of values. We not only support users but also candidates (on behalf of our customers) from our UK Service Desk and this great service is included in our subscription - with no limitations or hidden charges! Want to find out more? Speak to one of our team on 01509 236 434 or email: 

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