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One HCM/HRIS Cap Doesn't Necessarily Fit All


Do you know how we’re warned to err on the side of caution when things sound too good to be true? The same might be said about assuming that having an HCM or HRIS means you don’t need an Applicant Tracking System, too.

HCM and HRIS are used particularly by larger corporate companies and also in the education sector. They incorporate many functionalities, such as annual leave and sick leave, payroll, training, and much more.

Some have recruitment models. Some don’t. In either case, the ‘one cap doesn’t fit all’ concept usually holds true.

HCM and HRIS recruitment-specific capabilities fall short because they simply aren’t power-packed and pliable enough to offer the features and functionalities a superlative Applicant Tracking System is purposely designed for.  

The Magic of an Applicant Tracking System is in the Integration

Even if you’ve already got an HCM or HRIS you can still achieve the best outcomes by integrating with an Applicant Tracking System. A direct API link will take your 'golden records' straight to your Payroll system and deliver exactly the same results as it would coming from the recruitment module of the HCM/HRIS - it's a perfect combination!

Critical functions like Multi-Poster, Video Screening, Digital Signatures, Background Checks, etc are all built into some ATS system, like the Vacancy Filler platform. This means you’ll no longer need to fall back on the third-party applications you’ve had to use to that plug the feature gaps HCM or HRIS may have. 

And don't forget your 'Golden Record'. For example, if your HCM/HRIS has no inbuilt Video Screening, you will have to plug into a third-party video tech, that takes your candidate data out of the platform, stores it, then pushes back to your HCM/HRIS (but only if it has an API). This could be a GDPR risk for your business.

That lack of alignment is eradicated by inbuilt features at your fingertips such as:

  • Careers Website – Linked to an Applicant Tracking System, your careers site can be custom designed to promote your employer branding and deliver a flawless candidate journey.
  • Job Boards – A top-notch Applicant Tracking System includes an inbuilt Multi-Poster (Vacancy Filler has 70 plus Job Boards). This means you don’t have to pay extra for Multi-Posters like Broadbean or pay every time you publish an advert because your ATS provider or HCM partners with Broadbean to post adverts (sometimes up to £5 per advert). In addition, with an ATS provider, it’s usually possible to integrate less commonly used niche job boards that might not be automatically included.
  • Inbuilt Video ScreeningVideo screening is a highly beneficial screening and assessing tool that’s included for free in a gold standard Applicant Tracking System such as Vacancy Filler.
  • Automatic DBS Checking and Referencing – Having an Applicant Tracking System for Background checking, RTW, and Referencing all in one place are priceless. Again, the results of these will go straight into your ATS and be pushed out via the API to your HCM/HRIS.
  • Tests & Assessments – very few Applicant Tracking Systems and HCM/HRIS have the ability to create their own Screening Questions (SJT's), offer 100's of free Skills-based Questions, or have integrations with Psychometric Assessment Providers. This is especially handy if you recruit in high-volume or value-based/culture-fit roles. 


There are many reasons why you should just implement a best-of-breed Applicant Tracking System that integrates with your HCM/HRIS platform. If integrated properly, they should work in perfect harmony and give you the best of both worlds and if you chose an ATS that's all-inclusive, you should save a fortune!

Here are 5 of the Most Compelling Benefits of a Top Tier Applicant Tracking System

  • Save money in time, advertising spends, and third-party software. Video Screening can cost anything between £5 and £10 per recording plus an annual subscription of anything up to £10k. Multi-posting can cost up to £5 per advert.
  • Reduce third-party real-estate Working from multiple systems is a headache. If you're working remotely, it will have an impact on your internet speed, which will cause you to work slower and be less productive. 
  • Stay GDPR Compliant protect your candidate data as much as possible by limiting the sources of collating and storing that data and sharing between lots of technology systems. 
  • Enhancing visibility by keeping everything under one controllable roof. Everybody involved in the recruitment process can see what you want them to see or can be prevented from seeing what you don’t want them to see.

Vacancy Filler can help, whether you’re considering a standalone Applicant Tracking System for the first time, or to integrate with your existing HCM or HRIS.

We’d love to have the opportunity to provide the best solutions that won’t lull you into a false sense of security. A worst-case scenario could have you downloading CSV files on a daily basis. This has been known to happen to other clients who failed to choose their Applicant Tracking System provider well!

Vacancy Filler has customers that turned off their HCM recruitment module and turned to us to deliver Applicant Tracking and Onboarding. Why not arrange a free demo with us today? Or pick the phone up to talk to somebody straight away on +44 (0)1509 236 434.


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