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Recruitment metrics and analytics

Reporting and analytics are vital for any business’ hiring process. If you’re oblivious as to where you both benefited and suffered in past campaigns, then you’re left to continue blindly into your future hiring campaigns and this is no practical route to success.

There are a number of key metrics that you should be aware of, including what your hiring process is costing you and the source of your best candidates. It’s equally important as to how you use this data to improve your hiring strategy the next time around; in order to bring relevant talent to your business, you need to analyse the data and implement any necessary changes in a timely manner. 

Making improvements by reporting on your recruitment campaigns can directly improve the morale of your team, increase productivity in the workplace and reduce staff pressure. So how do you collect and measure these analytics? It can be both difficult and confusing to decide the best route to take with reporting on your recruitment process, and this is where many businesses fall short. 


If you are working with an agency, it’s often the case that you won’t be told where the candidate truly came from, but rather that it’s someone they have been working with or selected from the market specifically for your business – which helps to justify the fee. It’s difficult to make improvements when you are outsourcing recruitment campaigns as you may get the result you were hoping for in terms of a quality hire, but the loss in analytics is more damaging to your team and your business than any single hire is worth.

The option best-suited to the majority of businesses is to find a recruitment software provider who can provide you with not only the tools to make quality hires, but also the analytics and the required insights to continuously improve the effectiveness of your internal recruitment processes.

Educated hiring decisions can only be made when reporting is carried out and you have made a clear analysis of factors such as job board efficiency, cost per hire and the source of best candidates. From here you can tailor your future campaigns in accordance with your past successes. Working with a provider such as Vacancy Filler will allow you to access a dashboard that is easily navigated and will provide you with an attractive overview of the key analytics you will need to monitor what is working and what needs improving. Vacancy Filler ensures a fast, easy and accurate recruitment process by saving all your essential data.     

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Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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