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Recruitment software for the automotive industry

Smart Fleet Solutions provides inspection and refurbishment for cars at the end of their lease period in preparation for resale. They currently employ over 400 members of staff throughout a number of UK locations including Staffordshire, West Lothian, Nottinghamshire and Wiltshire. We spoke to Simon Osbourne, Recruitment Manager, at Smart Fleet who is in charge of recruitment training. We discussed the problems the company had prior to Vacancy Filler and how recruitment software has improved their process.

Currently, Smart Fleet post around 10 job adverts a month but these adverts often pull in multiple hires.

Problems with recruiting

Simon first explained that the ethics of recruiting for Smart Fleet are based around attempting to attract and hire the best candidates possible; although it is imperative that this is achieved while working within financial constraints.

“We aim to do things to the highest standard while having a recruitment process that is cost-efficient for the business - that’s one of the main reasons we looked at Vacancy Filler.”

The current shortage of spray painters, panel beaters and other specialist roles in the automotive industry made it difficult for Smart Fleet to recruit in accordance with their aim. Prior to adopting Vacancy Filler’s recruitment software, Smart Fleet would often turn to agencies to help find the right quality of staff, but this brought in a set of problems of its own.

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Adding value with recruitment software

Due to the skills shortages, Simon had difficulty gaining the right level of exposure when looking for the harder-to-fill roles and often had to turn to recruitment agencies. Vacancy Filler’s professionally designed job board package helped Smart Fleet to reach a wider and more varied audience and in turn has helped attract the right calibre of candidate.

Recruitment agencies were one of the main problems that Smart Fleet experienced before adopting recruitment software, primarily due to cost but also due to the quality of staff that were hired. Agencies often charged Smart Fleet between 10-15% of a wage and for these skilled workers that wage is normally around £25,000; this prompted Smart Fleet to seek out an alternative.

“Turning to agencies to recruit was horrific; we had no control over costs and couldn’t build a successful talent pool.”

Simon cites Talent Pooling as being one of the most valuable assets brought in by Vacancy Filler’s recruitment software. Not only can Smart Fleet now build up a database of potential employees, but they can also keep track of who is not suitable to work for them. Prior to using Vacancy Filler, agency staff that had been dismissed were able to reapply later and it was impossible to keep record of these activities. Now the HR team keeps track of the candidates through Vacancy Filler and highlights who is best suited as well as who is ill suited; this not only saves time, but also money.

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Saving time through recruitment process automation

Before utilising recruitment software, Simon was required to spend considerable amount of time and effort creating job descriptions which he copied and pasted from word documents into adverts. The HR department retained an extensive catalogue of these job descriptions but had to create new ones for each role that came available.

Now, Simon uses the duplicate advert function within the software to drastically cut the amount of time it takes to create job descriptions. By using this feature, Smart Fleet have reduced their stock of archived job descriptions to around 12-15 adverts that are easily editable when necessary. 

“Now it takes about 5 minute to set up a new advert whereas before it took around 20 minutes. So, we’re saving a lot of time with managing new adverts through Vacancy Filler.”

Smart Fleet’s experience with Vacancy Filler

When asked if Simon would ever go back to recruiting without a system he laughed and explained:

“I absolutely wouldn’t turn back- we couldn’t do this without a system like Vacancy Filler’s. It’s amazing to get an email notification in the morning saying you have a new application; I log onto the system and can easily process that candidate.”

Simon went on to explain that he believes Vacancy Filler is an essential asset to the business and that apart from the financial and time saving benefits, it has also helped create an exemplary candidate journey. Smart Fleet are now looking at potentially changing to a Smart Feed, the more advanced customisable careers page integration, from an Iframe to better suit the recruitment direction they are moving in.

Simon concluded by applauding the support team and his account manager:

“The support team at Vacancy Filler and my account manager are absolutely brilliant, I can’t pick any faults.  They are really patient and take the time to educate me on anything that I need. We posted a job at the start of this week and we have 32 responses already - of which the majority are good quality. This is all down to the education that we have been given by the support team.”

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Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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