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Sabre Insurance Order Announcement 


Formed in 1982, Sabre Insurance has more than 130 employees and is based in Surrey; they are a popular insurer that sells car insurance primarily through brokers but also directly to the public. Sabre Insurance is one of the most successful insurers in the UK, with a great reputation for providing brokers and customers with outstanding customer service.

The Vacancy Filler Solution

Having previously built strong relationships with recruitment agencies, Wendy Bamping, Head of HR from Sabre Insurance, worked at an agreed rate of 12-15% of the basic salary for the, on average, 20 vacancies a year that they recruited for.

Although they advertised on their website, working with agencies was a regular method of recruiting for them as Sabre were often searching for particularly hard to fill roles, and these required specialist help in order to fill.

Seeking more control and transparency in the recruitment process, Wendy worked with Karen Johnson, a member of the recruitment team, to find an alternative solution to agencies; a solution that offered greater control, a better experience for candidates applying, and cost savings.


When Wendy found Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, she was impressed with the candidate and role management capabilities that their system offered, but it was the additional recruitment services that Vacancy Filler offered that ultimately swayed her decision to work with them as a preferred supplier.

Having worked with agencies before, Wendy was looking for a company that had the product to provide transparency for management and reporting purposes, but also the recruitment expertise to replace the value that agencies had previously provided; she found this with Vacancy Filler’s Recruitment Support Team.

Vacancy Filler and Sabre agreed on a package that allowed Wendy and Karen to manage the recruitment internally, in terms of posting jobs to job boards and the website, but for one of Vacancy Filler’s experienced recruiters to manage the sourcing and sorting process; this was particularly useful for the hard to fill roles that Wendy would have previously relied on recruitment agencies for.

Sabre are currently experiencing a period of rapid growth and have recently placed a large number of candidates within their organisation, this has helped Sabre to experience the huge savings in terms of both time and cost that the Vacancy Filler system and services can provide to a business – although Sabre have only been working with Vacancy Filler for around 3 months, they are already due to see a full return on investment within the next couple of hires.

Wendy said, “We have experienced sizeable time savings with filling the roles that we manage manually, and we are reducing our recruitment spend now that we are not reliant on agencies”, she commented, “Vacancy Filler’s Recruitment Support team have enabled us to continue to fill even our difficult to fill roles, only recently allowing us to find an Electronic Trading Coordinator which we would normally have struggled with”.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software are able to provide recruitment software, support and services to businesses of any size. If you are looking to reduce recruitment spend, remove your reliance on agencies or gain more control and transparency over your existing recruitment process then get in touch.

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