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Hydes is a brewer and pub operator based in the north west of England with sites across Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales.  They currently have around 60 pubs, a head office where the central HR operations are conducted and the brewery from which their signature beers are made.

We spoke to Laura, the Personnel Officer at Hydes Brewery, about the problems she historically had with recruiting and how she forsees it changing with the use of Vacancy Filler’s recruitment software.

Problems recruiting staff

Prior to Vacancy Filler, Hydes Brewery advertised each of their vacancies through job boards which required Laura to repeat her work several times on different platforms in order to fill roles. Furthermore, the CVs that came back to the head office were only readable by Laura herself as there was no way to easily share the candidate’s information with hiring managers, without using email. One of Laura’s biggest driving forces for looking at recruitment software was that she needed an easy solution to give managers access to candidate details, but more importantly, to streamline the entire process.

A further problem Hydes Brewery faced was a lack of functionality in their previous recruitment software. Prior to Vacancy Filler, Hydes were unable to report on hiring and there was little clarity on how people had been hired over the previous months. This caused a great deal of confusion and pushed Laura to seek alternative ways of recruiting.

Finally, there was no organisation in place to seek and obtain references from candidates. These issues greatly hindered the amount of time Laura and General Managers had to perform other tasks and despite Hydes being in its early stages of using the software, Laura has already been able to produce a recruitment manual containing job descriptions and guides which accompany the software; further adding value to the project.

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The value of recruitment software

With the introduction of Vacancy Filler’s recruitment software, all hiring managers at Hydes Brewery can now see who has applied to their roles. This added functionality has influenced many of the managers to take more control over recruitment. Overall, the hiring managers view Vacancy Filler very positively and greatly appreciate that they can now see applicants coming into the system in real-time from any location.

Hydes brewery recruitment software ats the best applicant tracking system for the retailand hospitality sector free consultation.jpg

“It’s good that the managers are starting to get involved in the recruitment process and how Vacancy Filler makes this possible. At the same time, it’s great that the software allows me to keep overall control; after all, someone needs to oversee and control activities.”

In future Laura looks forward to utilising the video interviewing function and her excitement has been mirrored by managers. Currently Hydes use telephone interviews but the capability to see who they are talking to and how they perform on a personal level has been deemed to have potential.

Hydes Brewery hope to see a return on investment as they can evaluate which job boards they go to and streamline the amount that they rely on them.  With Vacancy Filler they do not have to worry about increasing the amount of licences as all users are included in the package; further improving their return on investment.

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