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Redington Invests in Vacancy Filler


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Redington, the award-winning, independent investment consultant to pension funds and other long-term savings institutions, has selected Vacancy Filler’s online recruitment system to help it improve the efficiency of its recruitment process, particularly for new graduates, and also make it easier for candidates to apply.

Prior to taking the system, the company was managing  candidate applications  - over 1000 each year - through a combination of Hubspot and Excel.  This was time-consuming and labour-intensive, so the company decided to find a more efficient way to manage applications, and at the same time, improve its recruitment analytics capability.

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The company is expanding rapidly, and currently recruits around 10-15 new graduates and interns each year, largely for its client servicing departments.   Redington needed a method of quickly finding graduate applicants with good numeracy and analytical skills as well as a passion for the industry. The company also recruits experienced hires, with fewer applications for each vacancy, but it was proving a challenge to share interview notes and track candidates during the various stages of the selection process.  In addition, the company has a return-ship programme, aimed at attracting applicants back to work from under-represented groups, as well as a growing number of apprenticeships.

Redington evaluated several online recruitment  suppliers and chose Vacancy Filler for its ease of use and advanced capabilities, particularly the level of analysis the system provides, including information on diversity, the numbers of candidates who apply compared to those recruited,  and where candidates are being recruited from.  

Susan Stevens, HR Project Manager said, “The system does everything we need it to do at an affordable price and the Vacancy Filler team is quick and responsive. The way Vacancy Filler will integrate with our website and branding is particularly good and very helpful for candidates. We will be able to analyse recruitment data very easily and the system will help us create recruitment campaigns that help us spread our recruitment net more widely than before. “ 

She added, “We hope to be able to drastically reduce the administrative workload, and manage candidate applications much better by making effective use of the system’s collaborative assessment/scoring capabilities. We’ll probably add further modules once the recruitment part is bedded in, including the onboarding function.”

If you found Redington's story compelling and would like to find out how you can improve your recruitment process, please call Vacancy Filler and speak to one of our specialists on 01509 236 434. 


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