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Remote Recruitment: How our customers have adapted

At a time when digital recruitment processes have never been more valuable, we thought we'd share how we are supporting our customers through this challenging period. 

The majority of our customers still have vital roles that need to be filled over the coming months. Formal processes still need to be followed with compliance obtained and recorded along the way.

So, how have they adapted their recruitment process in order to deliver a digital workflow?  

Our customers have really embraced new technology available within the Vacancy Filler platform such as Video Screening and online skills testing, with digital onboarding and induction also being adopted at a rapid rate:

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So, what have we seen the most?
Shorter Workflows for Key Workers
Naturally, our customers recruiting key workers have wanted to cut down their time to hire. Time consuming assessments and interviews have been replaced with fast-track recruitment with streamlined processes and more automation. 
Video Screening
Of course, two way video interviews will need to happen - use of tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have gone through the roof. However, if you're looking to create a consistent selection process, our video screening tool allows you to invite candidates to record themselves answering a set list of questions. Consistent, fair, less burden on hiring managers and candidates can complete it in their own time. What's more, our customers are taking advantage of the unlimited use in the knowledge they won't be charged any extra.
Skills-based testing
The level of uptake on our integrated testing suite has drastically risen, with our customers making the most of the free and unlimited remote assessment tools. It's been great for our customers that would usually run recruitment events or assessment days - they have quickly adapted by running digital assessments through our accredited testing provider. 
Digital Onboarding 
Coordinating paper based contracts, declarations and new starter forms has become virtually impossible, with most HR staff working from home. With Vacancy Filler Onboarding module, our customers are creating, distributing and receiving contracts, whilst offering the candidate a simple online journey to complete all of their new starter information through our ATS. 
Digital Compliance
Without the opportunity to meet candidates face to face, our customers are building further compliance steps into their digital recruitment process. Our development support has included creating extra content in application forms, digital induction/compliance forms, formal scoring charts for video interview processes and links to virtual training. 
New Starter Induction & Engagement
Without the ability to engage and train your new starters at the office, our customers are having to think outside the box for inducting new hires. One of Vacancy Filler's modules - Connect is helping our customers engage and be compliant! Most are using Connect at the point of Job Offer, giving new recruits a branded app so they can see first hand how the company and its most valuable assets - its employees, engage and collaborate with each other.  They are finding it to be a great way to view their social media feed, calendar events, complete compliance forms, review training documents in a digital library and even follow links to external areas
We're here to help and support

If you are looking to move towards digital or remote recruiting just like our customers, we are here to help you in any way we can. Just give us a call or drop us an email and let us know what you need and and how quick you need it and we'll work with you to make it possible.

Together we are stronger.


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