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Stonbury Case Study: Our Manual Recruitment Process is Now a Thing of the Past.

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Stonbury is a specialist contractor to the water industry, operating from 4 regional offices; they currently hold contracts with 11 of the UK’s largest water companies, covering over 75% of the UK. Currently employing around 280 people and recruiting over 50 people a year, across a range of departments including site operatives and project workers, Stonbury needed to find a solution that would help them to retain and engage potential new employees.

They came on-board with Vacancy Filler in 2017 and have been using the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to its full advantage to manage their applications but, have recently upgraded their package in 2018 to include the Candidate Onboarding module. At the beginning of the year, 2018, we spoke with them to understand what problems they were having before they had the Onboarding module and their story is an interesting one. Managing new starter information was becoming a nightmare for them, with HR trying to keep all printed candidate data confidential, scanning the paper-based forms to send to payroll and chasing candidates on any discrepancies, their time was being eaten up. Not only was it costing them time but it was costing them money. Each new starter required a paper-based new starter pack to be sent in the post and if the deadline was missed by Stonbury, they risked the candidate incurring a charge from Royal Mail to receive the package. Each new hire was looking at a two week minimum waiting period before they could even start work. Loraine Thomas, HR Manager, decided it was time to take control of their Onboarding process. She was aware that the candidate experience was great in the beginning but suddenly dropped off once they had accepted the job and their reputation was on the line.

Loraine added: “After speaking with Vacancy Filler it became very obvious that we would benefit from purchasing the Candidate Onboarding module that the company offers. Our current process with Vacancy Filler’s ATS has proved to be perfect for us, and it made sense to implement other modules that integrate with each other to create a truly, end-to-end recruitment process.”

Stonbury has already seen massive success from using the Candidate Onboarding module. Since 1st March 2018, they have onboarded over 30 new starters, which is nearly double the amount they could onboard prior to having this module and has saved over 30 hours of admin time.

Adrian Young, Talent Acquisition Specialist, said “We offered a position to a candidate on a Friday and he starts on Monday. This simply wasn’t possible before”

Job offers and rejections are now made automatically through the system, as are details of employment terms and conditions and requests for additional information from the candidate. The system tracks when job offers were made to which candidate, and hiring managers and HR teams can see at a glance exactly where they are in the process with each applicant.

Loraine Thomas, HR Manager, said “We are very proud. New starters are genuinely impressed and they comment on the professional, modern, state-of-art approach!”

Alongside this, Vacancy Filler’s Candidate Onboarding module includes a branded app that new hires can download before they start and be kept in the loop by their soon-to-be manager or communicate and start forming relationships with their soon-to-be colleagues. Engagement is extremely important from the point of job offer as its when organisations are at most risk of losing potential employees to competitors due to lack of engagement.

Loraine’s goal is to make Stonbury a remarkable place to work and to make it onto the list of ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’ but she knew that in order to do this, they needed to keep people interested from the point of job offer and beyond whilst engaging candidates and getting them to buy into the values that Stonbury lives by. She said “I just wanted the process to be quicker and slicker. Saving time was a big thing for me as well as ensuring we matched the approach we take to other aspects of the business - which is being forward- thinking and using digital solutions.”

Stonbury has a piece of work in development called ‘Stonbury World’ which digitises all paper processes and Loraine believes that Vacancy Filler will sit quite nicely inside the project and aligns well with what they’re hoping to achieve in the business overall.

Loraine commented, ‘This is a much easier approach than before. Now things just get done! We love how we are notified when candidates complete a section and how we can easily send reminders for outstanding tasks.  This week we offered a position to a candidate and he starts on Monday - this simply wasn’t possible before.   We are very proud of our new system.  New starters are genuinely impressed and they comment on the professional, modern, state-of-art approach!

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