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Strategic Team Group see ROI in just 3 hires working with Vacancy Filler

Strategic Team Group is a construction company that specialises in building, refurbishment, maintenance and energy-efficiency solutions. They were formed in 2000 and have more than 160 employees across two sites in Manchester and West Yorkshire.

Strategic Team Group’s Head of HR, Rebecca Wallis, spoke with us on her decision to use Vacancy Filler as the solution to help improve the company’s recruitment process.

STG are going through a period of growth and are looking to build on their current levels of productivity. Prior to Vacancy Filler, Hiring Managers in STG would manage their own recruiting, often through their personal relationships with agencies. One of the key issues that STG faced was that of reaching a wide enough pool of candidates with their existing use of adverts, again this meant that agencies were relied on.


Rebecca’s focus was to reduce the amount of recruitment-related spend and to do this, she decided that working with a solution provider was essential. Rebecca said that she has already seen a return on her investment from the Vacancy Filler system; this was achieved within the first 3 job posts as a direct result of the more cost-effective and efficient hiring method that the software provides.

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Rebecca needed a system that was able to provide STG with a wider candidate reach; the only concern with doing this however, was about managing the level of applications that she would receive as she believed it would require a lot of time to shortlist. Rebecca said, “My time has been saved by the software’s ranking system which allows us to rate the applications as soon as they are received.” In addition to this, Rebecca said that when replying to applicants, the email templates that Vacancy Filler provides help to save on time drafting fresh replies for each individual candidate, she said, “I like to be able to write emails in my own words, which works well as I am able to edit the templates set by Vacancy Filler to fit our brand; this is a feature I really like.”


Since using Vacancy Filler, Strategic Team Group has filled all 3 positions they have advertised; and each one was filled within 2 weeks. The previous method was a lot less cost effective when compared to using Vacancy Filler; this is supported by the return on investment they have seen in just 3 hires. Rebecca said that the time Vacancy Filler saves is remarkable, “I closed all the adverts within a week of posting them as I had received more than enough applications and each hire was made within 2 weeks”.

With many roles that are skilled or need particular knowledge of a certain field, it can be hard to make quality judgments on applicants. Although Rebecca was able to filter applicants at the preliminary stages, a manager with specialised knowledge was needed. Rebecca points out that the ability to involve managers who do possess this knowledge is of paramount importance; however it only takes a matter of 5 minutes to show them how to use the system so Hiring Managers are more than willing to learn. Rebecca said that the system makes it easy for HR and Hiring Manager to collaborate which directly improves the time to hire.

Finally, Rebecca praised the Vacancy Filler Customer Support Team; she says, “Everyone on the phone has been extremely knowledgeable and always quick and eager to answer any questions that I had, the service provided to us so far has been brilliant and this really gives me the confidence to continue developing our relationship with Vacancy Filler”.

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