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Talent Pools - A Surprising Trick for Spending Less


Imagine that - having a high calibre pool of sticky candidates to dive straight into, instead of having to start the recruitment process from scratch each and every time you have a vacancy.

A talent pool saves you time. A talent pool produces great results.


And, a talent pool saves you money, which is always going to be an attractive proposition in the often complex and long-winded world of educational recruitment.


So, what sort of figures are being bandied around?


Is the Money a Talent Pool Saves Worth the Effort?


“A lack of committed candidates has meant the cost of hiring is increasing rapidly. As is the time it takes to recruit somebody new into your organisation. A study from Glassdoor shows that, on average, it costs £3000 and takes 27.5 days to complete a successful recruitment process,” said training provider CT Skills.


Naturally these figures and time frames can differ significantly depending on the sector, the role, the employer, the location, the salary and various other factors.


But, even at the lower end of the spectrum they’re likely to whet your whistle when budgets are tight and resources are stretched anyway.


So far so great. Now, on to the nuts and bolts of achieving these results.


What are the Key Ingredients for Setting Up and Growing a Talent Pool?


Setting up and maintaining a talent pool is like offering a VIP membership.


You need to look sleek to attract candidates to join. Once they have you need to keep them entertained and wanting more.


The best ways to do so involve care and attention to your Recruitment Marketing;

  • Careers Site – You shouldn’t be embarrassed about blowing your own trumpet on your careers site. That’s exactly what it’s for, to turbo charge your employer branding. Feature candidate testimonials, employee stories and interview guides that demonstrate your establishment is a great place to work and be part of.
    Go for a Register Your Interest button too! This will pick up lots of candidates that want to work for you but you've just not got the right job at the time!
  • Social Media – Link your careers site to your Facebook, LinkedIn and any other media accounts you have. Keep your existing connections engaged and attract a steady stream of new connections with a variety of text posts, blogs, videos, polls and curated content.
  • QR Codes – Use this great (and free) technology to promote your roles everywhere. In basic terms, candidates can scan the code and uplift their CV or for more advanced recruiters, you can have separate QR linked directly to Job Roles. Especially good if you are recruiting in specific locations. 
  • Application Process – You’ve probably heard this before. And you’ve about to hear it again. Keep your application process under control as much as you possibly can. There’s no getting away from the complexities of recruitment. But you can do everything within your power to make applying less off-putting and tedious for candidates.

At Vacancy Filler, our elite Applicant Tracking System has become the go-to recruitment partner for organisations that want to deliver their recruitment digitally but in a more consistent, controlled and efficient way. 

And, we can help you with every other step before, during and after your recruitment and onboarding process with our dedicated Account Management Team and support desk that offers unlimited user and candidate support - all included!

We’d welcome the opportunity to show you around our platform.  Pick the phone up for a chat on 01509 236 434 or click here to arrange a demo for you and your team.


Tapping into talent whilst saving time and money, CT Skills - find out more here


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